Tue 12/30/14:
Have you come up with your plan of attack for the New Year about your healthy? If so, that is awesome. If not, let me offer up a few suggestions.
1. Choose one or two things to implement into your daily routine and commit to it. For those of you who are overweight and make poor choices on food choice and exercise. Keep things simple…just start with changing one or two things so that it’s doable. For example: I will prepare leftovers for the next day’s lunch instead of going out for lunch.
2. Commit to getting up a little earlier and take a walk…even if it’s only 10 or 15 minutes. It will refresh you and start you day off with an energy boost. You can later add a longer/faster walk or even jog. You could take a 10 minute walk, come inside and do 10 squats, 10 push-ups and 10 planks. Make exercise simple!
3. Get an assessment. The new trend in fitness is WELLNESS! Get a posture assessment. A lot of pain issues are derived from poor posture. It’s a fact! Get you posture corrected…it will line the joints up better, help the muscles work better, give you more mobility and help get you out of pain. If you are not in pain…you want to do more.
4. Learn Foundation Training! This goes along with posture. Foundation Training should be in a staple in everyone’s exercise program and daily life. FT will help with posture issues, increase strength and flexibility, improve balance, and decrease back pain. I practice it daily and it works!

The only thing in life we can control are our choices. To be health you have to make choices. I wish everyone would make the choice to be healthier, but they don’t. I will continue to help motivate those individuals and anyone else to choose a healthier way to live.
Have a great day!


Sat 1/4/13:
Looking forward to Foundation Training class this morning. There is an 8:30 class for those who are already using FT. They”ll get new exercises today. The 9:45 class is for newcomers. I love teaching the newcomers.
How is everyone’s new year starting out? Hopefully, new habits are be implemented and everyone is on their way to feeling better.
Let’s talk about the habit you have changed. For example, lets say you are going to start a to do list for each day. This a great idea. I, myself like lists and like to check off things once they are completed. Well, when are you going to compile this list? Whenever you chose to make the list is fine…the important part is to try to do it pretty much at the same time every day. This will re-enforce the habit and promote consistency. I know it does not seem that important….but it works. Consistency=habit. Remember, today is only Jan 4… but it’s time to get the new habit chosen and implemented.
I’m off to get ready for Foundation Training!!! Love that stuff and it has really made a difference.
I’ll leave you with a quick workout.

Take 10 minutes and do the following circuit as many times as possible.
1. Body weight squat- 10 reps
2. Renegade row- 6 rep per side
3. Skater Hops- 6 per side
4. Push-ups- 6 reps
5. Jump Jacks-10 reps

Enjoy and GEAUX SAINTS!!!!!!


Today is my 1(one) year anniversary creating this blog. I started it by accident…people responded…so I just kept it up.
I plan to keep it going in 2014 as well. I like to write thoughts down, things I learn! and share articles and pictures I come upon.
I still write in my Facebook group and on Linkeden. These are my main 3 sites. Hopefully, some people will keep reading, asking questions, and become motivated/inspired.
I have a busy life just like everyone else. Lots of good things happen and sometimes there are rough spots. The best thing we can do in life is have a good attitude, be grateful, and take care of our valuable bodies. Good luck this year in every area! Let’s get the year started!
Got a walk in, some FT stretches…fixing to get the peas and cabbage going. What are y’all going to do?


July 1st, 2013! Where has the year gone. It really is true the years pass by quicker and quicker every year! Let’s re-evaluate our fitness resolutions we all made in January. I, for one pledged that I would spend more time sharing what I know and learn with as many people as possible. So, this blog and my Stevey’s Training Room on Facebook were formed. It’s been fun and rewarding helping others change their lives. It also keeps me reading and learning new things. I have also met some new people and joined one or two other groups doing the same thing I am. The only way to be successful is to keep learning,sharing, and DOING! I have has some slack periods where I don’t post as often. My life is busy just like yours….but if I’m not putting it on paper….I was still doing my daily workouts, clients, and spreading the health/fitness word! I love this stuff.

Looking forward to the second half of the year. July 4th is here…my favorite holiday….It’s just so laid back! Foundation Training in Sept., lots of golf to play, Saints football starting….and lots of other things in the making!

Take the time to evaluate what you said you were gonna do back in Jan. If your on track…awesome! Keep DOING….getting better. What can you do to turn it up a notch? If you have not accomplished much of anything…START OVER! Don’ t waste time be complaining about yourself…just start over! Choose something to work on and just do it!

Let’s get started with July 1st. Let me know your progress…. And your struggles! You can change if you want to!

Re- dedicate Yourself

Sunday,6/30/13: We are officially at the 1/2 way point of 2013. Time to examine at the resolution you made Jan 1st. Are you succeeding? Are you failing miserably? Why and how. Figure it out. Keep doing what your doing if you are exercising and working out. Things have got to be better if your doing these 2 things! If your not doing to well…then why? Only you know the answer. Be honest and let’s get back on track!
July 1st…half way thru the year…RE-DEDICATE to YOURSELF! This is all about you improving yourself!
Get to the gym, get on the Internet, get outside, get a friend, get a trainer…..there should be no excuses. You can exercise for free….don’t tell me you can’t afford it! Come on 6 months to go…get on the fitness circuit and better your health and your life!!!
Hope this fires some of you up!!!!
I’m on my way to walk 18 holes right now. Let me hear from you about your re- dedication plans!


Fri Mar 29.2013:
Today, is my 2nd day to be 55 yrs old. On my to do list for today is DECIDE COMMIT SUCCEED. Being one more year older I’m even more motivated to keep working on my fitness level, eating habits, healthy lifestyle. I’m even MORE motivated to help those who struggle in any of these areas. I’m very blessed with good health and doing what I do comes very easy for me. I really do walk the walk….
Just DECIDE to COMMIT to yourself…If your’re reading this blog…you must be somewhat interested? Jump on board! Join me in THE TRAINING ROOM GROUP on My facebook page. Also, if your interested in BEACHBODY products contact me at http://www.beachbodycoach.com/steveyg.
Don’t wait…Do this Today…It will change you life!