Wed 1-29-14:
Well, the blizzard of 2014 has come and gone. I know those of you who live in places where it always snows may laugh…but this weather causes chaos here in the Deep South! Today, there will be no snow, but there will be ice from the below freezing temps.
Everyone be careful if you choose to get on the roads.
My doctors just happened to both be out of the office today…but I will trek in for a bit to check on things. I also, have some work to do at the gym. I just can’t stay home all day and not do anything.
If anyone is interested in starting FOUNDATION. TRAINING… I have a beginner class at 1 pm today. Stop thinking about FT and start doing FT!
I found this upper body workout I’m going to try today….if you legs need a break…give this workout a try.

Do a warm up and a little stretching first!

15 push-ups
30 sec plank
15 bicep curls
30 sec plank w/ alternating leg lifts
15 overhead tricep presses
30 sec left side plank
15 lateral raises
30 sec right side plank
15 tricep kickbacks- (together or one or at a time)
30 sec suicide plank

Rest 1 min…Repeat 2x

Arms on Fire!!!!! One set may be enough for some…if so that is fine! Do more if you need more! Let’s get those arms ready for some sunshine!

Tue Workout

Tue 11/19/13:
Group 1- Reverse Lunge into a front kick-10 ea leg
Jump Jack-30 sec
Side Kicks-10 ea leg
Jump Rope-30 sec
Rest up to 1 min and Repeat 2x

Group 2-Push-ups-10 reps
Jump Jacks-30 sec
DB Kickbacks-10 ea side
Total Body Extension-30 sec
Rest up to 1 min and Repeat 2x

Now get out there and take care of Tuesday!


Mon 11/18/13:
What a nerve racking football game yesterday…my Saints pulled that one out! Just a tough hard fought battle. 8&2 baby!!!!
Gotta get going to the gym…busy day today.

Start of with some decompression breathing…just elongate yourself. Feels Awsome.
Go into a gentle Founder…get those hams, calves, and feet going. Add the good morning move….feel that back side stretch.
Now a lunge stretch…get into a nice fairly long split stance. Big decomp breath, hands overhead, breath and reach…should feel stretch in front hip flexor…now carefully move up onto toes-then down onto heal…keep repeating.
Now you hip, low back, calves should feel stretch out.

Do the following exercise for 4 min.
1. Goblet squat-10 reps
2. Jump Jack-10 reps
3. Push-ups -8 reps
4. Cross body Mt Climb- 8 reps ea leg

Do another Founder and Lunge stretch….now go to work and make those nickels!!!
Have a great day!


Wednesday Workout

Wed 10/30/13:
As always do a quick warm up and a few Foundation exercises.

Here’s a quick circuit…everyone says, no time to exercise! If you can’t MAKE time to do these short workouts….you just don’t want to workout.

Do each exercise for 30 sec…really give it good effort!
1. jog in place (knees up)
2. Bodyweight squats
3. Jump Jack
4. Inchworm
5. Jump rope (or fake jump rope)
6. Crossbody Mt Climb- (on side only)
7. Jump Jack
8. Crossbody Mt Climb-( the other side)
9. Jog in Place
10. Alternating Lateral Lunge

Repeat up to 5x….now feel good about yourself!

This is 5 minutes of exercise if you only do the circuit once. Like I said, if you can’t make 5 minutes…you just don’t want to exercise.
Lets get this done and have a great day!

Tuesday Instructions

Tue 10/29/13:
Lets get up and get on with Tuesday. Here’s a quick workout. Get moving, eat right and enjoy life!

Warm up with a little FOUNDATION TRAINING! Just pick 2 or 3 exercises and focus on them maybe 10 min total. Now, you’re ready to move.

One Big Circuit-
Jump Jack- 30 sec
Plank-30 sec
Jog in place-30 sec
FT Squat-30 sec
Bear Crawl-30 sec
Prisoner Lunge-30 sec each leg
Push-up-30 sec
Skater Hop-30 sec

Rest 1 min. Repeat 2x if needed

Cool down…do a FOUNDER and BREATHE!
Eat Healthy and have a great day!


Talking to the people….Lets get it done!


Mon…7/29/13: no time to waste…have a very busy day today! So, lets just get our workout on!
Let’s just do one big ole circuit.

Of, course take a few minutes to warm up and stretch.

Do each exercise 30 sec…can do the circuit up to 3x.
1. Jumping Jacks
2.Push ups
3. Inchworm
4. BW Squats
5. Jog n Place
6. Prisoner Lunge
7. Mt. Climbs
8. Switch Kicks
9. Cross body Mt Climb
10. Burpee
There ya go! Do this once or 2-3x depending on your fitness level! Push yourself and eat healthy!
Have a great Monday!


June 24,2013: Mondays come around sooooo fast! Played golf Sat. Then house cleaning and yard work…gotta keep the place spiffed up. Got all my cooking done for the week. My garden is starting to turn out…Carmelized some really good peppers…red,yellow and purple. I cook up a batch then use then as a topping on almost everything! DELISH!

Now for the workout!

Get a warm up in and some stretches. I’m still doing my foundation poses as my stretching routine now. Those exercises work great! The next certification has been moved to Sept….once I get certified I’ll get more detailed w/ everyone about them.

Do the following circuit 3-5 times based upon your fitness level. You will do 6 reps of everything and rest 90 sec between sets. Use medium weights.

Circuit: Reverse Lunge w/ Front Shoulder Raise- 6 rep per side
Burpee- 6 Rep
Squat w/ Shoulder Press- 6 Rep
Renegade Rows- 6 Rep ( push-up w/a row to each side is one)

I love this workout!! It will get everything…but really gets the upper body! Get it done!!!

Don’t forget to stretch afterwards, a good protein drink would be nice afterwards also. Eat a lot of fruits and veggies today….and make up your mind to have a great Monday!