Sat 1/4/13:
Looking forward to Foundation Training class this morning. There is an 8:30 class for those who are already using FT. They”ll get new exercises today. The 9:45 class is for newcomers. I love teaching the newcomers.
How is everyone’s new year starting out? Hopefully, new habits are be implemented and everyone is on their way to feeling better.
Let’s talk about the habit you have changed. For example, lets say you are going to start a to do list for each day. This a great idea. I, myself like lists and like to check off things once they are completed. Well, when are you going to compile this list? Whenever you chose to make the list is fine…the important part is to try to do it pretty much at the same time every day. This will re-enforce the habit and promote consistency. I know it does not seem that important….but it works. Consistency=habit. Remember, today is only Jan 4… but it’s time to get the new habit chosen and implemented.
I’m off to get ready for Foundation Training!!! Love that stuff and it has really made a difference.
I’ll leave you with a quick workout.

Take 10 minutes and do the following circuit as many times as possible.
1. Body weight squat- 10 reps
2. Renegade row- 6 rep per side
3. Skater Hops- 6 per side
4. Push-ups- 6 reps
5. Jump Jacks-10 reps

Enjoy and GEAUX SAINTS!!!!!!

Back Again

Tue July 23,13: Hey everyone. I’ve been MIA again. Just been a little unmotivated to post anything. Can’t really explain why. No use spending time dwelling on it. I’m here today and here comes a workout!

Take 5 min to bust out a warm up and some stretching…it’s important!

1. Alternating Lunge-30 sec
2. DB Rows or Lat Pulls-30 sec
3. Spider-Man’s-30 sec
4. Kettlebell or DB Swings-30 sec
5. Prisoner Squat-30 sec
6. Push-ups-30 sec
7. Alternating Heisman’s- 30 sec

Rest one minute after this circuit… Repeat up to 5x for a great total body workout. Lets get it done!

MONDAY…Here I Come!

Monday April15,2013: Well, what a week last week was. A trip to the Masters Par 3 Day, a busy week at work, a sinus infection, and an exciting finish at the Masters yesterday. The weeks are just flying by.
Gotta get back in my routine…I’m feeling better…so here I come Monday!
Let’s get a workut in.

Warm up with: inchworm-5 reps
BW squat-8 reps
Stick ups- 8 reps
skater hops-8 ea side
Repeat 2x

Group 1: Lat Pull Downs-12 reps
Reverse Lunge-10 reps ea leg
Body Saw-12 reps
Repeat 2x

Group 2: Off Set Pushup-8 rep ea side
Walking Lunge-8 ea leg
Bear Crawl-10 steps ea foot
Repeat 2x

Group 3: Burpee-8 reps
Jab/Punch-10 reps per side
Jump Jack-15 reps
Repeat 2x

Cool down and stretch!

Fri Feb 22,2013: LET’S GET IT ON!!!!
Warm up: Jog in place- 20 sec
Inch Worm- 20 sec
BW Squats-20 sec
Push up-20 sec
Arm Swings-20 sec
Stick up-20 sec
Take a min to gently stretch ham and quad. Repeat warm up if needed.

Do this circuit for 15 min as many times as possible. PUSH YOURSELF!
Skater Hops-6x back and forth
Push up – Into a Row at the Top-6x
Jump Jack-6x
Alternating Diag. Lunge-6/ea side
X-Body Mt. Climb-6/ea side
Rest 2 min.

Total Body Ext- 30 sec…Rest 30 sec…..Repeat 5x

As always…modify what you need to modify. Subsitute what you like. Always be safe.
Now that you have the blood moving thru the veins at a nice pace…Have some fun this weekend!!!

Wed Feb 6,2013:  Warm up:  High Knee Marching- 2o sec, Jab-Punch-20 sec ea side, side kicks-20 sec ea side, stick ups-20 sec.  Repeat 2x.


Jump Jack-30 sec., Push up-8 rep, Jab-Punch-10 ea side, BW squats-15 reps, Jump Jack-30 sec., side kicks-10 ea side, Plank- 30 sec., Jump Jack-30 sec.

Do Circuit as many times as needed to get a good workout.  Some may only do once…some will do several more.  It’s got the basics…It’s short and will get the job done.

Have a great day!!!!!