Listen to Your Body!

Sat Feb 16,2013: So glad the weekend is here and last week is over. Did not have a great week, did not post very much on the blog, had back issues…so didn’t workout to my liking. I hate not being able to workout, but I have learned to listen to my body. I did my usual routine of going to work,training clients and so forth, but not doing my “physical” exercise really messes me up. I just don’t get those “feelings” you get after a good workout. UGH! Hopefully, these back muscles will be loose enough to get back to it monday. In the meantime…patience, stretching, ice/heat treatments.
In the big scheme of things this is just a minor setback. I’ll do my treatments and focus on getting back ASAP. For everyone out there…Listen to your body. Learn to distinguish between a minor ache, pain or injury. Sometimes it is hard to tell and you just push on thru. Trust me… a lot of it catches up with you much later in life. Now you have damaged muscles,joints,discs,etc. If I only knew then… what I know now! LOL!
Play hard, work hard, exercise hard, and REST HARD! Learn to do ice/heat treatments, foam roll or use the stick, get massages, get adjustments. All this things work and will really slow down the wear and tear we put on our bodies. Like I said, it I only knew….. At least I know now!


Feb.13,2013:  Well today’s topic is easy.  The ole S I Joint has rotated again.  How many of you have back problems?

The S I joint moves everytime you move.  When it rotates out of place…PAINFUL!  The back and quad muscles seize up,  and your waist and pelvis just lock up.  I did make an emergency visit to the chiropractor yesterday.  He got a little movement…I got a little relief.  Will go back this morning for adjustment then again after work.  Should be pretty good to go after that.

There is nothing more dibilitating than back pain.  I’ve been fortunate throughout my athletic career to never break a bone or really get hurt.  I have always had back problems…as far back as high school.  Of course, back then you didn’t run to a Dr for every little thing like people do now.  I just thought I had the back ache from always playing to much.  I was a big tennis/ volleyball player then…. runner/ beach volleyball until 40… now a golfer.  Not the easiest sports on the back.

Chiropractic care has worked the best for me.  I don’t take meds and definitly won’t stop my active lifestyle… plus I’m a trainer.  I’ve been seeing the chiropractor 10 years now…most days I’m just fine and lead my life.  There are always going to be times where that pelvis and S I joint rotate and get stuck….but I know what to do and how to manage it w/ monthly maintenance visits.  The goal, stay active…motion is lotion!