Monday 9/28/14:
What does living a “healthy lifestyle” actually mean? For me, it means doing a lot of things on a daily basis. It’s more than just eating healthier diets or loosing some weight or starting an exercise program. It’ a way of life…
Of course, diet and exercise are at the top of the list. These two things are an absolute must do on a daily basis.
What about other things like getting plenty of rest for example. The body needs 7-8 hours of sleep every night to rest, repair and re-energize. What about quiet time. I take at least one hour every morning to think, read, or write. This is actually my favorite time of day to get my thoughts in order. What about taking better care of your body with a massage one or 2 times a month? Massage is an other way to physically take care of the body. Massage helps loosen tight muscles, increase blood flow, energizes and relaxes the body. Massage is therapeutic and healing. Massage helps with tightness, soreness, injury and tissue repair.
I believe this is where people fail when trying to implement a “healthy lifestyle” plan. Most just focus on loosing weight. A lot actually do loose some weight, but they usually do not keep it off. Why? In my opinion their only goal is to get some weight off. Their goals are short term! Health is for life. Changes are for life. “Healthy Lifestyle” is a way of life…for life! This is where people go wrong! Implementing a healthier way of life is takes commitment, accountability, support, dedication, and a desire to want to be a better you!
A desire to be a better you…is this enough motivation? It should be, but frankly people just give up to easily. We have a new year upon us…just 3 more months until 2015. People love to start over in January…even I do. I usually choose something to add to my fitness arsenal. Hopefully, this article will get you thinking now about the whole package of living a healthy lifestyle. It’s more than just loosing weight.

Enjoy December…Start Planning for 2014

Dec 1,2013:
Can you believe 2013 is almost gone? For myself it has been a very busy year with a good amount of change involved. Some of the change is not yet complete. Hopefully, things play out in 2014. I’m looking forward to some good things happening and of course helping motivate people to get healthy. I’m also loving all the posture/movement things I’m learning. This information is really going to help a lot of people. So, for me bring on 2014!

Lets talk a little about planning for 2014. What are your fitness plans for 2014? Who’s going to join a gym? Hire a trainer? If your having trouble picking out a Christmas gift…get someone a gym membership, or some training sessions with a trainer. I have yet to understand why more people don’t do this. Give people what they need…we are talking about helping people change their lifestyle.
The gift of health is so much more valuable than new clothes, electronic accessories, jewelry, and the like.

Nothing annoys me more than for people to tell me they can’t afford a gym membership or some training sessions. Yet, people will buys Starbucks every morning, or eat out for lunch everyday, have cocktails one or two times a week. All this adds up quick! There’s your membership dues right there, or your trainers fee. A good trainer can help you if you only meet once per week….
It’s all about YOU wanting to change your ways.

Start evaluating what has happened in 2013. Have you gained weight? Have your gained more weight again? Do your clothes fit? Why would you buy new clothes if your just getting bigger? Look in the mirror….do you like what you see? Are you going to just keep making excuses? I don’t have time…the kids keep me to busy…I’m to tired after work…I can’t afford it…it cost to much.
A 4.00 Starbucks x 5 days a week = 20.00 a week. That’s 80.00 a month! Come on people… Lets do another one.
A 2.00 McDonalds breakfast x5 days a week = 40.00 a month…there’s practically a membership there and that’s why you’ve gained weight on top of things.
Do you want to change? That’s really everyone’s own personal decision. If you do…then change. It takes commitment, getting rid of bad habits, yep…you’ll probably have to spend some money for help. Most people spend a lot of money for their bad habits…why not turn it around for better habits?

Gotta go for now…I’ll be back.


July 1st, 2013! Where has the year gone. It really is true the years pass by quicker and quicker every year! Let’s re-evaluate our fitness resolutions we all made in January. I, for one pledged that I would spend more time sharing what I know and learn with as many people as possible. So, this blog and my Stevey’s Training Room on Facebook were formed. It’s been fun and rewarding helping others change their lives. It also keeps me reading and learning new things. I have also met some new people and joined one or two other groups doing the same thing I am. The only way to be successful is to keep learning,sharing, and DOING! I have has some slack periods where I don’t post as often. My life is busy just like yours….but if I’m not putting it on paper….I was still doing my daily workouts, clients, and spreading the health/fitness word! I love this stuff.

Looking forward to the second half of the year. July 4th is here…my favorite holiday….It’s just so laid back! Foundation Training in Sept., lots of golf to play, Saints football starting….and lots of other things in the making!

Take the time to evaluate what you said you were gonna do back in Jan. If your on track…awesome! Keep DOING….getting better. What can you do to turn it up a notch? If you have not accomplished much of anything…START OVER! Don’ t waste time be complaining about yourself…just start over! Choose something to work on and just do it!

Let’s get started with July 1st. Let me know your progress…. And your struggles! You can change if you want to!


Yea, its Friday. I am really missing my blog and all of your blogs! I am hoping to get new computer in the next week . Type on the phone just get to be aggravating for me. Hopefully, I can have my routine back soon!
I have a lot going on right now! Lots of transitioning going on in all areas of my life… Changes are on the way. Hopefully, adjusting won’t be to difficult?
I am keeping to my routine as far as eating, sleep, workouts… That’s how I stay 1/2 way sane. Gotta get ready now… Wish me luck! Once some of the changes start taking place… I’ll let y’all know more.
Have a fit, fun and healthy weekend!

Take Action…

Wed Mar 27,2013:
Let’s get up and change your life today. Stop thinking and start doing. Everyday is a gift. If you are overweight, out of shape, unfit, eat fast food, feel tired all the time, look terrible in your clothes, make excuses all the time, blame having babies for why you are overweight…I can add more to this list…if any of these describe you… and you want to be the opposite of all the above…then CHANGE! Stop being miserable…and just friggin CHANGE. I know the ability is inside of all of you…
I can go to a mall, a resteraunt, an office, almost anywhere and just watch people. I’ll wonder why do they just let themselves go? I just don’t get it…it’s their health. The most important thing we have is our health. For most people you’re life span will be cut short. Time wth your family will be cut short. By the time you retire after working so hard…your time here on earth will be cut short.
I write this stuff not to preach or teach…just hoping to reach some of you in hopes you’ll take that step to change.
It’s my duty as a health care professional to just keep spreading the word of health.
Read this blog, other blogs, the internet, facebook, watch the Biggest Loser,…just take action. Get motivated. Quit be miserable and just MOVE That Body!!
Gotta go now…I’m on the way to the gym for my workout and I will feel great afterwards and I’ll have a great day! Hoping all of you do the same!


Wed Mar 6,2013: Mid-Week-YES! Lets get thru today and onto the down slide towards the weekend. Gonna be a sunny 70 degress here in Mississippi! Can not wait to walk 18 holes this weekend. Hope my game isn’t to ugly?
Let’s talk about working out and changing one’s life. I have been a little slack posting those short workouts because I have been busy trying to learn how to set up my BEACHBODY business. That coupled with my job and training clients…just running out of time in the day. I’m not deserting my readers. I will still be here learning from others amd helping anyone who wants to change their life. No matter what we all NEED to exercise and eat healthy foods everyday….no matter what method you choose. Just do something!
As for my BEACHBODY business…I’m still learning how to get that going, so that I can explain that to everyone. Please go to my website at to look at some of the products. For the month of March there are some packages on sale where you can get more than one program with a month of shakeology included. Basically, you order from my site, you’ll have me to motivate you to get thru the program, and I can place you in a group of others doing the same program and you can communicate thru facebook. You’ll meet new people and have others to be accountable to. You can read about shakology and how it helps you loose weight, It’s the best meal of the day.
For those of you who don’t go to a gym and don’t want to go to a gym…BEACHBODY is perfect for you. You do it at home, a small space is all that you need. Get a friend to do it with you and split the cost. You’ll have me to answer questions and help you to hit “play” everyday. You’ll have the group I put you in to communicate with and talk about your workouts. There are workouts for all different levels. Message me when your ready thru this blog, facebook or the link In this article. You have to CHOOSE to CHANGE!
Have a great day!!!