Wed 7/23/14:
Wanted to post the info on the FOUNDER CHALLENGE set to begin Aug 1st.
Foundation Training will help correct of lot of damage we have caused our bodies through the years. You owe it to yourself to give foundation Training a try. FT is going to make a difference in your body structurally, in your movement patterns, and in your body awareness.
Take a look at the Founder Challenge invite…sign up for it. You will feel a difference in 30 days at how much better you feel. The founder is the signature exercise!!! Learn it to perfection then keep pushing yourself.

Hello Friends,
Countdown to our 30-day Founder Challenge is ON!!! Starting August 1st, we are challenging you to perform a minimum of 1 Founder a day for 30 days. Join us!
Read on for details on how to join the challenge and other exciting things we’ve been up to including a free podcast download of an interview with Dr. Eric Goodman.
Yours in wellness,
Foundation Training
Join the 30-day Founder Challenge
Starts August 1st!
Experience how doing a Founder a day can enhance your life. Join us for this free challenge to do a Founder every day for 30 days starting on August 1st.
Be part of the Facebook Event community who will be doing the challenge together. There, you can share #30DayFounder photos of your journey before, during and after. We encourage you to take a sideways photo before you begin and after to see the difference in your posture. Our Certified Instructors will let you know if they see any adjustments needed in your Founder. Spread the word and have fun!

Are you in?!
Podcast Interview: Liberated Body
Liberated Body’s purpose is to “help people to reduce or eliminate pain, normalize range of motion, and embrace their body’s full potential by returning it to the happy, fully functional, badass state that is its birthright.” We couldn’t agree more.

Liberated Body’s Brooke Thomas recently interviewed Dr. Eric Goodman to get the skinny on compression, the real “core” and loads of other good stuff.

Download the podcast here and enjoy!

Congratulations to the Garmin Cycling Team!

This summer Foundation Training worked with the Garmin-Sharp professional cycling team at their training camp in Mallorca, Spain. As one of the top 10 cycling teams, some of their key riders use Foundation Training as part of their workouts.

Congratulations to the team for winning the 2014 Tour of California Championship! Five of the team’s riders were in the top 25 including 2nd place. Keep up the great work!

Check out this video to see how Foundation Training worked with the team.

“I’ve been doing Foundation Training for over a year now. Last year I had the best year of my career and won a stage at the Tour de France. I attribute a lot of that to implementing Foundation Training. Keep up the good work.”
– Dan Martin, Garmin-Sharp Professional Cyclist

I am available to teach Foundation Training privately and in small groups. Also, you can click on FT/Movement Matter in the bottom left hand corner to order FT materials. If you have any questions just contact me…I always love to talk about Foundation Training…because it works!


A really beautiful Founder below…this is a very powerful and power building pose.