Wednesday Workout

Wed 10/30/13:
As always do a quick warm up and a few Foundation exercises.

Here’s a quick circuit…everyone says, no time to exercise! If you can’t MAKE time to do these short workouts….you just don’t want to workout.

Do each exercise for 30 sec…really give it good effort!
1. jog in place (knees up)
2. Bodyweight squats
3. Jump Jack
4. Inchworm
5. Jump rope (or fake jump rope)
6. Crossbody Mt Climb- (on side only)
7. Jump Jack
8. Crossbody Mt Climb-( the other side)
9. Jog in Place
10. Alternating Lateral Lunge

Repeat up to 5x….now feel good about yourself!

This is 5 minutes of exercise if you only do the circuit once. Like I said, if you can’t make 5 minutes…you just don’t want to exercise.
Lets get this done and have a great day!


Lets have a great Tue. I am still wore out from Monday….but today is gonna be better!
Of course, I will start out w/ Foundation exercises…then a little Bodyweight work!

Circuit 1: BOdyweight squat-15 reps
Side to side jumps-15 reps
Body saw-10 reps
Rest 30 sec Repeat 2x

Circuit 2: Jab/Punch-15 reps ea side
Switch Kicks-10 per leg
Mt Climb- 10 per side
Rest 30 sec Repeat 2x

Circuit 3: Push-ups-10 reps
Walking Lunge-10 per side
Inchworm-10 reps
There ya go! DONE and ready for Tuesday! As always adjust the workout for your skill level…no excuses! Just do what your supposed to do.

Exercise and Post….We’re In This Together!

Mon,3/25/13: Let’s Exercise!
Stretch and Warm up first.
Group 1: Sumo Squat-8 reps ea side
Fake Jump Rope-15 reps
Rest up to 30 sec. Repeat 2x

Group 2: Triple Stop Push Up- 10 reps
Skater Hops-16 reps[8 per side]
Rest up to 30 sec. Repeat 2x

Group 3: Lat Pull Down-15 reps
Jump Jack-10 reps
Rest up to 30 sec. Repeat 2x

Group 4: Reverse Lunge w/ Front Punch Kick- 8 per side
Mt Climb-10 per side
Rest up to 30 sec. Repeat 2x

RE-FOCUS!!! Get w/ the program! Move that body! Have a great Monday……