FT and Smaller Muscles

Love this quote:

“Large muscles of the body are designed for movement. Pain comes from smaller muscles absorbing too much force when the larger ones are used improperly” -Dr.Goodman @foundationtraining

FOUNDATION TRAINING zeros in on the deep spinal muscle…the diaphragm, the transverse abdomen, the erectors to name a few. Practice FT and these muscles will be better able to do their job which is to stabilize and support our body thru all types of movement.

Practicing Foundation Training is the key to a stronger more resilient spine, core and overall better movement.

Breathe big and wide, be tall and move well.

Let’s go conquer Tuesday!


A group of exercises that focus on effective human hip hinging.  Sounds simple doesn’t it?  In some ways it is…yet, for so many people the ability to hinge the hip has been lost.  Hip hinging is a basic movement template we all are born with.  Watch any baby learning to go from crawling to walking and you are going to see lots of hip hinging.  Somewhere along the way many of us loose this ability to move from the hip.  When this happens we are using others parts of the body (usually the back and knees) to start movement and or support our body thru a movement.  This is how the viscous cycle of imbalances, injury and pain start.  

The whole theory for FOUNDATION TRAINING is:  The spine must be more stable than flexible for the body to be at it’s best!  Dr. Eric Goodman, a young Chiropractor student set out and was determined to manage his own back pain as well as to help others.  

There are three principals in Foundation Training: Decompression Breathing, Anchoring and Integration.  These three principals once understood then combined with muscular tensions, lengthening and movement create stronger more stable spines, improved movement patterns and overall body awareness. 

Foundation Training is for everyone!  Dr Goodman and his excellent team have taught hundreds of practioners, therapists, trainers and lay people around the world how to use these principals to help themselves as well as their patients and clients. I can honestly say, I was skeptical at first…but my chronic pain is gone and has stayed gone ever since I learned FT 4 years ago.  

The poses look simple but so much is going on in the body when you apply the principals!  FOUNDATION TRAINING WORKS!  Find a trainer near you at foundationtraining.com.  Once you learn FT you will have a life long tool to help with any pain issue you are having.  FT will not go out of style.


Sat 11/29/14:
I talk all the time about using proper movement patterns in our daily life. Each and everyone of us have been using movements patterns since infancy. As children we learned the seven fundamental movement patterns as we developed. The seven patterns are gait, squat, lunge, push, pull, press,and twist. As very young children our brain would learn a pattern and we perfect the pattern with depiction. As children we moved freely, with full range of motion in our joints and with no pain. How many kids come inside after a full day of playing and complain of pain? Oh, to be a kid again!!!!
The seven patterns listed are fundamental. Now that we are all grown up we still use these patterns, but what has happened? We are not so free. Many of us move stiffly. Heaven forbid if we attempted to squat or lunge! The most squatting we do is to sit on a toilet….and a lot of us have trouble getting that low. Of course, all of us still walk around (gait), but how many of us walk with any pep in our step? Jog? Run? How many of us avoid going up slops, stairs because it bothers our hips or knees? How many of us have a back so tight we avoid twisting at all costs? Remember, this are basic fundamental movements… We still need to be able to perform this movements efficiently.
The human brain is very efficient. One of its aims is to record and recall movement patterns that make life easier allowing it more capacity to deal with life’s little anomalies.
If you see yourself in this article… It is time to learn foundation training! We have not become inefficient in our movement patterns because we have aged. I hear that all the time, ” I’m just getting old”. Even I don’ t move as well as I once did…but I work at it everyday by moving and doing FOUNDATION TRAINING!
FOUNDATION TRAINING will help you to reprogram those 7 fundamental movement patterns. FOUNDATIONS TRAINING will reprogram your moving patterns back to a more efficient state… remember, you used to do these movements better and without pain. If you cannot stand up straight, if your head is jutting forward, if your shoulders are rolled forward, if you are getting the “hump” in your back, if it hurts to sit/stand to long…why in the world have you not started FT? Getting “older” is not the problem….but you will be old and not able to function sooner than expected if you do not get busy working on your body.
FT works! Let’s feel better in 2015! Contact me for your appt. today!






Once you start learning FOUNDATION TRAINING and have developed some body awareness…you should automatically be able to add the better movement patterns to everything you do. Look at the photos. Load the dishwasher with the hips back, chest up, core tightened. This is a back saver! Pick the kids up with more support from the hips,butt and hamstrings. Play sports and work out with better posture…you will perform better and prevent injury.
The whole purpose of FOUNDATION TRAINING is to incorporate it into your everyday life….no matter what you do all day long.
FT makes a great workout all on its own, but the greatest gift it offers is body awareness so that you can work on body mechanics. I practice FT a little everyday and it has changed the way I think about fitness, my posture and my movement patterns.


What do you do for a living? Doctor, lawyer, dentist, hygienist, secretary, office manager, sales associate, factory worker, accountant, financial advisor, housewife, construction worker,cleaning staff…the list of occupations goes on and on.
We go to these jobs everyday and get behind that desk and do the same thing day after day. People in sales walk those hard floors and stock shelves day after day. Factory workers…we know they repeat the same thing over and over. Surgeons, standing at a table bent over all day. Hygienist, all day bent over in odd positions day after day for years. My point is, our jobs ant these same movement patterns we are in are causing us pain. This is true even for myself. I did not realize this until I went to my FOUNDATION TRAINING CERTIFICATION last year. Since then I have continued to learn all about posture and the harmful effects on our bodies from poor posture.
I’ll use hygienist’s as an example since I am in the dental field. When you sit on a stool like chair all day bent over with a tilt and your neck at odd angles trying to look in someone’s mouth…your body is going to feel the effects of this posture. The muscles are going to be imbalance, short, tight. Some hygienist’s may even suffer carpel tunnel, sciatica etc. after a period of time.
Let’s look at another occupation…cleaning service. How do you think your body would feel after mopping, sweeping, changing beds and cleaning bathrooms all day? One good thing about this job you do get to move around a lot! If these workers are bending from the waist they are on a path for back pain!
I worked with some students who were going to be nurses. I asked, are you taught how to bend over in order to help move a patient? They all shout out…yes, use you legs. I reply, show me. What do they immediately do? Squat down with their knees headed out over their toes!!! I gasped, in horror. No one explains to these future health care workers to initiate the movement with the hips…then the legs will become involved and well as the gluteus!
The old saying, if I knew then what I know now…is so true! I wish I would have know FOUNDATION TRAINING when I was a college athlete! Well, you can not go back. So, I will move forward.
If you suffer from back pain, or your job is causing you physical problems….contact me. Foundation Training is going to make you feel better, make you AWARE of how you sit, stand, walk. FT will make you AWARE of your head being way to forward. FT will make you AWARE of where your feet are positioned while walking or even just standing. Remember, we pretty much create our own imbalances because of our posture and our everyday repetitive movement patterns. All, you need is some AWARENESS! FT can give you AWARENESS and corrective exercises to make new movement patterns.
Contact me…I can teach private, small group or even do corporate workshops. If you own a business…treat your staff to a better pain free body. We practice FT at our office…it really does work!





Wed 7/23/14:
Wanted to post the info on the FOUNDER CHALLENGE set to begin Aug 1st.
Foundation Training will help correct of lot of damage we have caused our bodies through the years. You owe it to yourself to give foundation Training a try. FT is going to make a difference in your body structurally, in your movement patterns, and in your body awareness.
Take a look at the Founder Challenge invite…sign up for it. You will feel a difference in 30 days at how much better you feel. The founder is the signature exercise!!! Learn it to perfection then keep pushing yourself.

Hello Friends,
Countdown to our 30-day Founder Challenge is ON!!! Starting August 1st, we are challenging you to perform a minimum of 1 Founder a day for 30 days. Join us!
Read on for details on how to join the challenge and other exciting things we’ve been up to including a free podcast download of an interview with Dr. Eric Goodman.
Yours in wellness,
Foundation Training
Join the 30-day Founder Challenge
Starts August 1st!
Experience how doing a Founder a day can enhance your life. Join us for this free challenge to do a Founder every day for 30 days starting on August 1st.
Be part of the Facebook Event community who will be doing the challenge together. There, you can share #30DayFounder photos of your journey before, during and after. We encourage you to take a sideways photo before you begin and after to see the difference in your posture. Our Certified Instructors will let you know if they see any adjustments needed in your Founder. Spread the word and have fun!

Are you in?!
Podcast Interview: Liberated Body
Liberated Body’s purpose is to “help people to reduce or eliminate pain, normalize range of motion, and embrace their body’s full potential by returning it to the happy, fully functional, badass state that is its birthright.” We couldn’t agree more.

Liberated Body’s Brooke Thomas recently interviewed Dr. Eric Goodman to get the skinny on compression, the real “core” and loads of other good stuff.

Download the podcast here and enjoy!

Congratulations to the Garmin Cycling Team!

This summer Foundation Training worked with the Garmin-Sharp professional cycling team at their training camp in Mallorca, Spain. As one of the top 10 cycling teams, some of their key riders use Foundation Training as part of their workouts.

Congratulations to the team for winning the 2014 Tour of California Championship! Five of the team’s riders were in the top 25 including 2nd place. Keep up the great work!

Check out this video to see how Foundation Training worked with the team.

“I’ve been doing Foundation Training for over a year now. Last year I had the best year of my career and won a stage at the Tour de France. I attribute a lot of that to implementing Foundation Training. Keep up the good work.”
– Dan Martin, Garmin-Sharp Professional Cyclist

I am available to teach Foundation Training privately and in small groups. Also, you can click on FT/Movement Matter in the bottom left hand corner to order FT materials. If you have any questions just contact me…I always love to talk about Foundation Training…because it works!


A really beautiful Founder below…this is a very powerful and power building pose.


Tue July 15,2014
Here we go with day 2 of the work week. Having my delicious coffee right now then to get ready for the gym…
More talk today on posture.
I am posting another pic of posture at the desk. So many of us sit at a desk all day long…then we go home and sit. To much sitting is destroying our bodies. Sitting is breaking down our musculature. Even if you go to the gym and exercise regularly…if you posture is poor you are exercising poorly. You are just enhancing the muscle imbalances.
Get in the mirror and look at how you stand. Look at how you sit. Look at your co worker and see how they sit. Are they bent over? Neck forward? Feet pointing out? Correcting our posture will provide health benefits!
The best way to correct posture is to learn FOUNDATION TRAINING! I teach FT here in the Jackson Ms area. Go to the foundationtraining.com website to learn more. Click on the link I provide to order the book with exercise instruction and awesome pictures or get the DVD.
I promise you…if you practice FT daily…just 10 minutes a day your body will be greatly improved and empowered!
Contact me with any questions.
Let’s get out there and knock today out of the park!