Fri Mar 29.2013:
Today, is my 2nd day to be 55 yrs old. On my to do list for today is DECIDE COMMIT SUCCEED. Being one more year older I’m even more motivated to keep working on my fitness level, eating habits, healthy lifestyle. I’m even MORE motivated to help those who struggle in any of these areas. I’m very blessed with good health and doing what I do comes very easy for me. I really do walk the walk….
Just DECIDE to COMMIT to yourself…If your’re reading this blog…you must be somewhat interested? Jump on board! Join me in THE TRAINING ROOM GROUP on My facebook page. Also, if your interested in BEACHBODY products contact me at
Don’t wait…Do this Today…It will change you life!

Beginners: Stop Thinking and Start Doing

Wed March 20,2013: Ok, March is quickly passing us…Time is flying. Hope everyone is still working out…eating more healthy, and breaking bad habits.
For those of you who still have not started what are you waiting for?
Consider purchasing BEACHBODY products. There are plenty of beginner level programs to get you moving that body. You could also try shakeology with a program. Shakeology, is a meal replacement shake with all the protein and nutrients you need from a meal. You can doctor shakeology up w/ fruit, almond milk, peanut butter to give you different taste. Yes, there is a cost to the products…it’s affordable if you stop going out for lunch, or having cocktails in the evening. That’s where a lot of the weight is coming from anyway. Do it for yourself!!! Move that body and eat healthy…You will see and feel the benefits! Contact me at Stop thinking about it and start doing something about it!

Who Looked in the Mirror?

3/11/13… I’m home for lunch looking and facebook and my blog. Just wondering who read this mornings blog and thought to themselves….that is me. Still saying I’m want to lose weight, look better, get in shape….but never make that decision to do something about it. The decision is the first step that must be taken. Who out there is thinking about it? Who out there needs a little push? Who out there is miserable with themselves? Go back and look in that mirror again… Let me know when your ready. Let your local gym, or trainer know. Let some of these other health and fitness bloggers know. We want you to succeed! I feel it is my responsibility to put down things in this blog to make you stop and say….she is so right. I need to do something…there is help everywhere. That is why I blog. That is why I share other blogs and reciepie’s. That is why I support beachbody products. I love to train my clients here in Ms. Join in and let’s make the world a healthier place.

Beach Body Coaching?

Sat Mar 2,2013: Morning Everyone! I need a little help/advice with something. As all of those who read my blog should know I live fitness and a healthy lifestyle. I love sharing what I learn and know with all the readers. That’s why I write most everyday and read other great material from my fellow fitness bloggers. I’m thinking about becoming a beachbody coach? Who out there knows much about this? I am a fan of some beachbody workout products. I have done several products in the past and was a huge fan of P90X. Becoming a coach means selling a product, motivating the buyers thru the program, and a minimal investment fee. Who all out there has thought about doing a beach body program? Their info–mercial for P90x and insanity is always on TV. Just curious to know who all watches those commercials and wants to buy the program…and never does thinking it will be too hard or you can’t do it. This way, I would be your virtual coach. We would communicate thru FB, e-mail, etc…getting motivation,instruction, modifications. Thanks for listening and any feedback or experience will be quite helpful.