Wed Jan 7,2015:
Anterior pelvic tilt is a fancy term that means your hip is tilted forward. The most common cause is sedentariness and lack of activity. If you have a desk job you most likely have anterior pelvic tilt. If you have a desk job your hips are pushed to far back in order to sit. Performing tasks such as typing, writing and looking at the computer screen the body will tilt forward…now your hips are behind you. The mere act of going to our desk job everyday…year after year will take a toll on our body.
This constant body positioning causes the muscles in the front of the body to become tightened. The shorter and tighter these muscles become the more they pull you forward…rounding and bending your frame. The muscles in the back of your body become weak. These muscles are supposed to stand you up nice and tall and do the work of keeping you up…in balance…against gravity.
It’s not to late to make changes! I know, I know…here is where I say FOUNDATION TRAINING! I”ll say it everyday…because FT works! The body and the brain are amazing…if you put in the work your brain will learn the new signals and your body will learn the new muscular/movement patterns.
Refuse to grow older with a bent over frame!
Refuse to give up on your body because you have a backache!
Refuse to just accept that you are to busy, to tired, to lazy, to old or to whatever…
FOUNDATION TRAINING is simple to learn, easy to do anytime/anywhere, inexpensive. Once you learn it…you will be able to use it for life! FT will be the best medicine in the house!