Sat 6/27/15:

Saturday’s… A day to sleep a little later. A day to clean house and do yard work. Grocery shop and prepare fog the week to come. Some of us have our sporting events to attend or participate in.

If Sunday rolls around and you can barely roll out of bed from all the activities…

Maybe your posture should be checked?  The way we balance our bodies can be a direct correlation to pain issues.  It’s not the act of mowing the grass or playing the round of golf that’s causes pain… It’s how we are moving due to our posture.  It’s how we are compensating due to tightness or weakness.

Your posture sets the stage for HOW you move when you exercise. Moving with poor posture puts you at an increased risk for injuries and pain, while moving with the symmetry of good form and control helps you get the best benefit from any exercise. So to keep moving well, check in with your posture.*

Enjoy your Saturday…


Fri June 26, 2015

Take a posture break every hour.   Everyone should get up and move around consistently during their day.  

Being to busy is not an acceptable excuse!  We are all busy… Stand up at your desk and shake those legs out.  Stand when talking on the phone.  If you are a lucky individual who knows FOUNDATION TRAINING…do a decompression pose or a founder.  After lunch take a quick walk around the parking lot or the office building.  If it’s to hot…pace up and down the hall.

Sitting is bad period!  Get up and move.  Get into a good posture and breathe deeply.  Sit in good posture. Take notice of where your head is, are shoulders slumped, are your feed under your knees, are you sitting on one hip more than the other?  All this stuff is important.  If you knew FOUNDATION TRAINING you would be aware of your posture.

Gotta go…have a great Friday and weekend coming up!


What is balance exactly?  

Balance is the ability to maintain your center of gravity within your base of support.

Posture is th ability to balance our head over shoulders…over our torso…over our pelvis…between our feet.  The feet are our base of support.  In actuality we all are in posture everyday…most of us are in poor posture due to the fact we have lost the ability to balance our posture between our feet in proper alignment.

An example would be a pretuding forward head developed from years of sitting at desk looking at a computer screen. That forward head is out of balance.  The forward head puts strain on the neck and shoulder muscles causing them to over stretch and become tired. This causes a cycle of adjustments in the body to help compensate for the forward head.  

Take a look around next time you are in a mall or grocery store.  Look at all the people just going about their life.  Look at all the different postures.  How many good -balanced postures do you see?  Probably not many.  Matter of fact someone with really good posture will stand out in a crowd…good posture is very attractive.  

How do you think some of the elderly get so bent over?  So stuck in a stooped position?  Why can’t they pick their feet up when they walk?  Why do they shuffle?  The answer is years of poor posture.  They lost their ability to balance the head over their shoulders in proper alignment long time ago.  This causes the body to alter mechanically in order to remain upright.   The muscles shorten or tighten. The bones and joints shift causing friction and degeneration.  How many of you have parents that you worry about taking a fall because their balance is so poor?

There is absolutely no one has to age poorly.  Age does not cause bent over crocked bodies.  

Start working on your posture today.  The better you can balance your head over your shoulders…over your torso…over your pelvis…between your feet (your base of support) the more efficient your muscles will work.  This stuff is important.  I realize no one ever thinks about their posture or how they move…but it is the key to aging well and moving well as we age.




Friday 4/24/15

The month of May is NATIONAL POSTURE MONTH!  I will be spending a lot of time talking about posture and ways to work on improving posture in order to improve balance, strength, frame, movement and overall health.

I will be at the FLOWOOD YMCA – SAT MAY 16 @ 9:30 for a workshop on posture.  If you would like to have your posture looked at and learn a few tips on how to improve your posture come to this event.  Cost is 20.00 for YMCA members and 30.00 for non members.  

Poor posture leads to pain issues!  Trust me…most of us have been in poor posture most of our lives.  Poor posture causes poor mechanics between the muscles and bones.  In others words, we move improperly.  Just becoming aware of your own body and how you use it to move will be eye opening…”awareness” leads to the ability to change.

Read the article below for some suggestions.  

Please message me if you plan to come to the posture workshop on Sat May 16.  

Have a great day.


Mon. March 2,2015:

MOVEMENT, the average everyday person never gives how they move a thought.   After all we have been moving since infancy, thru childhood, thru our youthful athletic endeavors, into our professional life then into our senior life.  Most never even notice the changes along the way.  

Why have you started holding on to something when you sit down?  Why does your back hurt if you sit to long?  Why does your knee hurt if you decide to take a walk at the local walking trail?  Why does your neck and shoulders hurt all the time?  If you have asked yourself these questions…what was your answer?  Why do you think all these aches and pains happen to us?  A lot of the clients I work with all say, “I guess I’m just getting old”!  Granted, as we age we are not going to move like we did as a child or as a college athlete…but, we do not have to accept aches and pains, bent over posture, and lack of activity just because we have moved into the 40,50,60, and above category.  This is unacceptable!  Our bodies are miracles!  We all have the power within us to age gracefully…with movement.  

Look at the pictures below:  People of different ages, different occupations and different paths to get where they are now.  What do they all have in common?  POOR POSTURE AND PAIN!

Why should they settle for these poor postures, bent frames, compressed spines, weak muscles and pain?  They shouldn’t!  All of this can be improved with FOUNDATION TRAINING!  Yes, it is possible to age graceful, to stand up tall, to exercise with out pain, to still work in your yard, to get on the floor and play with the grand children.  

HOW?  Find a FOUNDATION TRAINING INSTRUCTOR.  Get an Assesment and then start learning FOUNDATION TRAINING.  FT will improve everything about you.  Poor posture leads to pain.  The people in the photos did not get like this over night. This is years of poor posture and poor movement patterns.  The good news, it can be worked on and improved!  It starts, with awareness and then implementing the exercises.  

Stay tuned…tomorrow the after pictures…




Monday Aug 18, 2104
POSTURE… Is the one thing that each and everyone of us can work on and improve is our posture. Posture is something most of us just don’t think about, but now for me it’s all I think about.
Good posture is important because it helps your body function at top speed. It promotes movement efficiency and endurance and contributes to an overall feeling of well-being.
Good posture is also good prevention. If you have poor posture, your bones are not properly aligned, and your muscles, joints, and ligaments take more strain than nature intended. Faulty posture may cause you fatigue, muscular strain, and, in later stages, pain. Many individuals with chronic back pain can trace their problems to years of faulty postural habits. In addition, poor posture can affect the position and function of your vital organs, particularly those in the abdominal region.
Your back has 3 natural curves in it- a cervical, thoracic and a lumbar. Maintaining these 3 natural curves thru life means you have a healthy back.
In order for this to happen a person needs strong abdominal muscles along with strong gluteal and leg muscles to support the back. The real work horse in movement are the hips and gluteal muscles…these muscles will support the back. Your hip, knee and ankle joint are meant to balance out the natural curves in the back when you move. When a kink develops problems are on the way.
If you have poor posture you most likely have muscle imbalances…this leads to the posterior muscle chain not work smoothly and efficiently as it should. You most likely have tight muscles most likely on one side of the body. You may have nagging pain. Your joints may hurt or not move as good as they could because the muscles are so tight. The list of symptoms can go on and on. Symptoms are warning signals….work on your posture and these very symptoms listed can be relieved if not eliminated.
Give FOUNDATION TRAINING a try! Foundation Training will address poor posture, the posterior chain, weak muscles, weak glutei, flexibility issues, poor balance and more. We can all improve our posture…do that and you will improve a lot of other body issues. Contact me for a session or click on the Foundation Training tab visit their site or order a DVD.