Foundation Training at the YMCA 5 K

Sat 10/26/13:
Up early and getting ready to introduce some YMCA members and a lot of runners to Foundation Training! I love teaching this stuff.
If they only knew what I knew about how FT helps the body….!!! Hopefully, after today I’ll have some more people interested in
Learning all about it.





Foundation Training is going to unlock a lot of tightness in your body, free up for better movement, improve performance, relieve back pain, improve posture, and get people to use their posterior chain for movement.


Don’t forget the Flowood YMCA 5K This Sat Oct 26…there will also be a kids Y TRI- that will be fun to watch. Come do the walk or do the 5k run and bring the kids!
BACK PROBLEMS? Be there… Dr Cefalu will be on hand to explain why most of us have back pain and I’ll be there to show you how FOUNDATION TRAINING will conquer back pain. It works for me and it can work for you!
Gonna be a fun Saturday morning!!!





I love this graphic of what’s going on with your body when you put it thru a run. Take a look at it…
If you’ll train and prepare the body…things will get easier. The muscles,bones, lungs, joints, heart,cells.etc everything will get better if you prepare the body.

Running is an awesome activity…lots of satisfaction and good feelings come from running.

See everyone at the Flowood YMCA 5k Oct 26. I’ll be there doing some FOUNDATION TRAINING…FT really helps prepare the body and prevent injury.

YMCA Fit To Lead 5k

Sunday, oct 13:


This is the next big event coming up. YMCA Fit To Lead 5k. Always a fun race this time of year…hopefully we have a lot of runners and lots of good weather.
The YMCA is promoting a HEALTHY BACK campaign. Everyday life, technology, the aging process, injury and so many other things contribute to back problems. So many back issues are preventable and/or manageable. Just doing the little things everyday can keep you out of discomfort. If you don’t know what the little things are…well, you can’t do them…right?
Sign up for this race! Come early…I’ll be there showing FOUNDATION TRAINING techniques to help stretch some runners out before and after the race. Dr. Drew Cefalu, after he completes the race will be on head to help everyone understand their back better and how to take better care of it. Drew, is also a big fan of FOUNDATION TRAINING.
If your a runner, triathlete, weekend athlete, a walker, or you don’t exercise at all…just come out anyway.

Catching Up

Sat 9/28/13: Saturday is here!!!! Lots going on this weekend.
First and foremost…going to get a short early walk in then a really good Foundation workout in. Have to get stretched out good for my golf tournament this morning. The Foundation Training Poses just lengthen my muscles out so well! After play today, home for some Ole Miss-vs-Ala football. I know on paper Alabama wins…but we all like the home team and the underdog. Lets go Rebels! Then mostly resting up for tommorrow to finish golf tournament….another early start. That’s my weekend….gonna be good!
Want to add I’m working on 2 Foundation Training Introductions. The first one will be Sat Oct 12 at the TRAK PERSONAL TRAINING Studio on Lakeland Drive. Probably around 9 am. Details will be finalized this coming week….so I’ll confirm this for everyone next week. The second one will be at the Flowood YMCA location at their annual FIT TO LEAD 5K Race. Rhonda, one of the YMCA Directors is putting together a healthy back campaign. This is an awesome idea…because almost everyone has some type of back pain. More details coming on this event also in the next week or so.
Foundation Training is the absolute best way to manage your back pain, tight hams and quads, muscle imbalances,and much more. Come check out these free introductions to Foundation Training! It works, it’s affordable, and your gonna feel great if you learn how to do it properly and practice FT daily.