Tue 2/10/15
Thought I would post a workout today. I spend a lot of time on Foundation Training, but doing a workout is still necessary. If you apply FT principals to your workouts…you will have better form and be able to train the muscles while they are in a more proper position.
Remember, in this style workout…change it to fit your needs. Everything is adjustable…just get it done.
Have a great day!

Workout 2:
Warm up: Jog in place-20 sec
Standing mt climbs-20 sec
Arm swing w/ thumb up/thumb down-20 sec
Wide BW squat-20 sec
Push up-20 sec
Stick up-20 sec
Rest 20 sec…Repeat 2x

Superset1: Total Body Extension-30 sec
BW squat into a front kick-30 sec
Rest 1 min…Repeat 2x

Superset 2: DB row-30 sec
DB row-30 sec (other arm)
Inchworm 30 sec
Rest 1 min… Repeat 2x

Superset 3: Alternating Reverse Lunge-30 sec
Cross body Mt. Climb-30 sec
Rest 1min…Repeat 2x

Finisher: Wood Chop-6 reps( all to one leg)
Elbow to Knee-6 to each side
Wood Chop 6reps(all to other leg)
Burpees -6 rep
Do the above. Finisher as many times as possible in 3 min.


Sunday 10/12/14:
What an absolutely magnificent football Saturday yesterday in the state Of Mississippi!!!! Again, Dawgs and Rebels get it done in the mighty SEC. These 2 teams are for real! They have the whole package and I am quite impressed with them.
As Dan Mullen said, they have not accomplished much as of yet except for being 6-0. This goes for both teams. This is the SEC…toughest conference in all of college football in my opinion. Both are only half way thru their tough schedules…lots of football left. It is nice to be in control of your own destiny!
I might also add the athletes on both of these teams have shown nothing but class and composure. That has been refreshing to watch. These young men are new to winning on this level of competition… A lot of times that’s where things go wrong…young athletes not knowing how to handle the emotions with the pressure that’s going to build! So far, both teams have done an awesome job…just enough jubilation and celebration without the arrogance…after all, there are 6 more regular season games to go!
Whatever these two teams are doing…keep on doing it!

My Weekend Ups And Downs

Monday 9/15/14:
Not going to talk about to much today…mainly review what has been going on as I have not written in 4 or 5 days.
Tough week at the office last week, had a fun couples golf tournament to play in Sat and Sun…played poorly the first day a little better yesterday. The SAINTS blew another game in the last 2 minutes. The Saints are really mood altering for me. On a better note…more golf for me today! Senior State Am is today and tomorrow. My body feels a little fatigued, but hopefully I can get it energized for 2 more rounds of golf. A quick walk, some decompression breathing, about 20 minutes of FT exercises and a chiropractic adjustment should do the trick! Foundation Training is an excellent warm up before any sporting event and equally good as a cool down. Time to go now…cup number two of my java then off for the walk.
Have a great Monday!


Sun, 9-7-14:
NFL Sunday’s are here!!!! Saints vs Dirty Birds 12 noon central time!!!!
But first: some coffee, a little reading and writing. Then onto some Foundation Training…gotta get stretched out for my 7:15 am tee time. Then kick off! After the game a massage!!!
My Sunday is going to be good….how bout yours? ENJOY!



Sun 8/10/14:
On my way out to play a little golf. Been busy with chores and yard work this weekend.
Spent a lot of time watching the PGA championship….Phil is in contention. I am a big fan and pulling for him. Also, if Phil can’t’ win it maybe Rick can.
I will admit though…Rory is on fire. He is in the zone, focused, and he is expecting to win. If someone can make that move and beat him… It will be a victory for the ages!
One more note. I watch the posture of a lot of the golfers…all I can say is they need FOUNDATION TRAINING! If Mr Tiger, who thinks he is a weight lifter…knew FT he may have avoided back surgery and would be still be playing….
Have a great Sunday!