Mon.3/25/13: Don’t forget this is the last week to purchase P90X w/ Shakeology[1 mo supply] on sale. Total cost should be 180.00 plus tax for both together. So, if you have been on the fence about either product…now is the time to purchase while on sale. P90X, is an awesome workout program that works…if you’ll commit to push play everyday. Shakeology, is a meal replacement shake that will give you all the vitamins,antioxidents,probiotitcs,protein you could possibly get in a meal. Just letting you know the sale ends March 31st. Anyone, interested and ready to change their lifestyle as well as their life contacy me on this blog, e mail or at BRING IT!

Beginners: Stop Thinking and Start Doing

Wed March 20,2013: Ok, March is quickly passing us…Time is flying. Hope everyone is still working out…eating more healthy, and breaking bad habits.
For those of you who still have not started what are you waiting for?
Consider purchasing BEACHBODY products. There are plenty of beginner level programs to get you moving that body. You could also try shakeology with a program. Shakeology, is a meal replacement shake with all the protein and nutrients you need from a meal. You can doctor shakeology up w/ fruit, almond milk, peanut butter to give you different taste. Yes, there is a cost to the products…it’s affordable if you stop going out for lunch, or having cocktails in the evening. That’s where a lot of the weight is coming from anyway. Do it for yourself!!! Move that body and eat healthy…You will see and feel the benefits! Contact me at Stop thinking about it and start doing something about it!

March P90X Sale Pack…With Shakeology Included

March 9,2013: For the month of March P90X is on sale. If you have ever thought of getting it off of TV Info-mercial don’t. Contact You can get P90X,P90x2 and 1 month of shakeology. Even if your not ready to start you’ll have it and the next program at a discount. Plus, you’ll get to try shakeology. They make great gifts also. If you have someone who loves going to the gym…this is a nice change up. You can do the workouts a home or take your lap top to the gym. You only need a small space. Contact me on beachbody site or here in the training room.
If your more of a beginner…there a great sale programs for you also. Two programs…plus 1 month of shakeology. Be good to yourself and get started. These programs work. I have done some of them and your body will change.


Wed Mar 6,2013: Mid-Week-YES! Lets get thru today and onto the down slide towards the weekend. Gonna be a sunny 70 degress here in Mississippi! Can not wait to walk 18 holes this weekend. Hope my game isn’t to ugly?
Let’s talk about working out and changing one’s life. I have been a little slack posting those short workouts because I have been busy trying to learn how to set up my BEACHBODY business. That coupled with my job and training clients…just running out of time in the day. I’m not deserting my readers. I will still be here learning from others amd helping anyone who wants to change their life. No matter what we all NEED to exercise and eat healthy foods everyday….no matter what method you choose. Just do something!
As for my BEACHBODY business…I’m still learning how to get that going, so that I can explain that to everyone. Please go to my website at to look at some of the products. For the month of March there are some packages on sale where you can get more than one program with a month of shakeology included. Basically, you order from my site, you’ll have me to motivate you to get thru the program, and I can place you in a group of others doing the same program and you can communicate thru facebook. You’ll meet new people and have others to be accountable to. You can read about shakology and how it helps you loose weight, It’s the best meal of the day.
For those of you who don’t go to a gym and don’t want to go to a gym…BEACHBODY is perfect for you. You do it at home, a small space is all that you need. Get a friend to do it with you and split the cost. You’ll have me to answer questions and help you to hit “play” everyday. You’ll have the group I put you in to communicate with and talk about your workouts. There are workouts for all different levels. Message me when your ready thru this blog, facebook or the link In this article. You have to CHOOSE to CHANGE!
Have a great day!!!


Tue. 3/5/13: Morning everyone. Been up trying to set up my Beach Body Website and figure out how it all works. My URL is- If anyone has been thinking about purchasing a beachbody program like Power 90, P90X, 10 Minute Trainer message me and I can help you get the program and get thru the program. I’ve done several of the programs in the past and they work if you’ll just push play everyday. I can help you do that. Also, if you’ve heard of shakology I can help you with that. Loaded with natural ingredients, whey, vitamins, minerals. I know you’ve seen the infomercials a million times,but are skeptical about purchasing. Now, you have someone whose done some of the programs and can answer your questions and talk with you daily if needed to help get you thru the program. Don’t be afraid to change your life. All you have to do is select a product…you’ll have someone to do it with on the dvd, and you’ll have me as your coach helping you get thru everything day by day. So, stop thinking and start doing. Next time that infomercial is on go to the website I listed above and purchase the product there…that way I’ll be your coach. Better yet, if your still skeptical… message me before purchasing and I can help you decide what’s right for you. Let’s change your life…TOGETHER!