About Me

Hi, I’m Stevey.  I live in Jackson,Ms. I have created this website to share my love for health and fitness. My main goal is to teach and motivate others. The best way to reach people is to share my experiences and be open. So, hopefully I’ll be able to inspire some, motivate some, teach some. Everyday is a new day and a gift. We can start over anytime we choose. Let’s get busy doing what needs to be done!

I am a past college athelete {volleyball}, a multi sport athelete since high school, an avid golfer now, and a personal trainer. I am also a Foundation Training Instructor. Since adding FT to my resume…my idea of fitness has dramatically changed. I still believe in exercise, healthy diet and an active lifestyle, but FT is the most valuable “accessory” to total fitness I have ever come across. Posture is the key to better health and better performance. I hope readers will find my postings educational and motivational. The body is an amazing and beautiful machine and it’s the only one each of us gets. Let’s keep it fueled, stretched and strengthened, and pushed to improve together.

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    • im gonna call you this weekend. you’ll have to explain to me how to link back and do this blogger award think. I’v had 2 other nominate me for this…but couldn’t figure out how to answer.


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