Sunday 7/12/15
How’s your balance? Most of the time, you may not even notice how it plays into your day. It’s a steady presence that keeps you on your feet.

But here’s something you may not know: Balance training — exercises designed to improve balance — can give you a stronger core. Your core includes the abdominal, chest, back, and hip muscles.

When you practice staying balanced, you give these muscles a real workout too. This makes your midsection stronger and more stable. That’s one of the ways working on your balance helps reduce your risk of falls, back pain, and injuries.
Balance training is often recommended for older adults. But a strong core and good balance can help people of all ages in their everyday tasks and fitness pursuits. For example, you can put them to use when you’re climbing a ladder, carrying a toddler, skiing, golfing — and more.

It’s actually pretty easy to add simple balance exercises into your day — no special equipment required. These five basic moves are a good start:

Walk backward or sideways.

Walk on your heels.

Walk on your toes or heel–to–toe.

Stand up from a sitting position without using your hands.

Stand on one foot.

You can do these exercises as the space and situation allow. For example, you might stand on one foot while waiting for the microwave or talking on the phone. When you do any of these moves, make sure the surface you’re on is smooth and free of any potential hazards. If you’re unsure how steady you’ll be, have something sturdy to hold on to.

FOUNDATION TRAINING: My absolute favorite training technique for everything.  Since we are talking about balance…FT is great for training the core.  Movement starts in the core…the legs and arms move all around the core.  The stronger the core…the more control you have in balancing and moving.


Fri July 10, 2015

POSTURE is an under-appreciated aspect of health you can do something about. Now’s the perfect time for a posture reality check. Begin working to improve  and start standing and sitting taller to look better and feel younger.”

FOUNDATION TRAINING can greatly improve posture.  The society we live in today is anteriorly dominant.  The front of our bodies are stronger or more dominant than the back of our bodies.

Humans have always fought the battle with gravity.  Gravity pushes against all of us everyday…that will never change.  What has changed is that humans do not move as much.  We stay sitting at a desk all day.  We are on a computer device all day long.  Kids carry 25 pound backpacks on their developing frame all day long.  It is nice in our country to have all the luxury, technology and convenience that we have…but it is making us lazy.  We do not use our brain like we used to or our bodies.

When I was a youth I knew all my friends phone numbers…I have an I phone now…I don’t have to remember anything.  As a kid so many of us walked to school…some quite a distance carrying a few school books.  Now, those back packs look like kids are gonna climb a mountain and be gone a week.  We have technology everywhere…we sit and work on computers all day every day… This folded position is wrecking havoc on our spine, our muscles, our necks and shoulders.  These continuous postural habits are going to catch up with everyone.

Couple our technological lifestyle with the forces of gravity…so many of us are destined to be bent over, develop adult scoliosis, have forward head syndrome, muscles weakness and joint pain.  So many of us will run to the doctor for relief.  You will get a shot, or a pain pill/muscle relaxer, or even a few weeks of therapy.  Wow…do people really think all these choices are going to fix years of poor habits?  Doctors help people with sickness…not poor posture and muscular weakness…and the pill he gives you won’t either.


Take a few sessions from a certified instructor.  Employers, offer FOUNDATION TRAINING at your business.  A FT workshop will be so beneficial for employees.  Coaches, have a FT instructor come in and teach the athletes proper stretch/strength techniques.  This will reduce injury and improve performance.  Seniors,  the seniors can improve balance, strength and mobility with FOUNDATION TRAINING.

Advil, cortisone shots, will not “fix” pain problems period.  Start taking care of your body…make some postural adjustments, lengthen and strengthen with FT…and in most cases you can manage your own pain issues.

Have a great day!