Fri June 26, 2015

Take a posture break every hour.   Everyone should get up and move around consistently during their day.  

Being to busy is not an acceptable excuse!  We are all busy… Stand up at your desk and shake those legs out.  Stand when talking on the phone.  If you are a lucky individual who knows FOUNDATION TRAINING…do a decompression pose or a founder.  After lunch take a quick walk around the parking lot or the office building.  If it’s to hot…pace up and down the hall.

Sitting is bad period!  Get up and move.  Get into a good posture and breathe deeply.  Sit in good posture. Take notice of where your head is, are shoulders slumped, are your feed under your knees, are you sitting on one hip more than the other?  All this stuff is important.  If you knew FOUNDATION TRAINING you would be aware of your posture.

Gotta go…have a great Friday and weekend coming up!

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