Tue 6/16/15


Get up and get moving…

I mean really…MOVING!  Just move.  Get on the floor and roll around.  Get down there and crawl around your house or crawl in the back yard.  Your body will like it.

Moving doesn’t mean you have to lift weights necessarily.  Experiment with your body.  What movement is hard? Can you even get to the floor?  If not…you really need to seek help in freeing your joints up.  

We could all move so well as children.  Watch your kids or grand kids play.  Watch how they move.  Watch how a baby figures out how to get from place to place…they are developing strength.  Get on the floor with them.  They can crawl all day and we can do it 5 minutes.  

I’m off to take my walk, a little crawling around and see what new move I make my body do and of course some Foundation Training thrown in.

Have a great day!

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