Sun June 1,2015:

POSTURE is the ability to balance your body in proper alignment.  The more aligned you are the more balanced your are…therefore, the better your posture is.

Proper alignment is having your head balanced over your shoulders, with shoulders/torso over the hips/pelvis, and the hips/pelvis over the feet/ankles.  The better the alignment… The better the muscles work at moving the joints…which in turn moves our bodies more efficiently and without pain.  Posture is so important…yet so many people have poor posture and do not realize the wear and tear “mechanically” poor posture has on the body.  Remember this: We will look “old”, move “old”, and feel “old” if the majority of us don’t start working correcting some postural habits.

Poor alignment is poor balance.  That does not necessarily mean your are stumbling around…even though some people are more prone to stumbling around.  What poor balance does mean…is when being out of alignment the  brain tells the muscles to work differently in order to adjust for the malalignment.  Now, the joint is moving differently which after time can cause wear and tear on the joint and some muscles to become overworked and some muscles not being worked enough or even at all.  This is how muscle imbalance develop and become worse.

We all have muscle imbalances! I have them.  They develop over time from poor posture, poor movement habits, repetitive movements, sitting to much, injury, sports and even gravity.  If you want to age better, perform better, look better, move better, feel better…learn about your posture and your movement habits!  

Contact me anytime to look at your posture and start changing the way you move.


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