Sun June 1,2015:

POSTURE is the ability to balance your body in proper alignment.  The more aligned you are the more balanced your are…therefore, the better your posture is.

Proper alignment is having your head balanced over your shoulders, with shoulders/torso over the hips/pelvis, and the hips/pelvis over the feet/ankles.  The better the alignment… The better the muscles work at moving the joints…which in turn moves our bodies more efficiently and without pain.  Posture is so important…yet so many people have poor posture and do not realize the wear and tear “mechanically” poor posture has on the body.  Remember this: We will look “old”, move “old”, and feel “old” if the majority of us don’t start working correcting some postural habits.

Poor alignment is poor balance.  That does not necessarily mean your are stumbling around…even though some people are more prone to stumbling around.  What poor balance does mean…is when being out of alignment the  brain tells the muscles to work differently in order to adjust for the malalignment.  Now, the joint is moving differently which after time can cause wear and tear on the joint and some muscles to become overworked and some muscles not being worked enough or even at all.  This is how muscle imbalance develop and become worse.

We all have muscle imbalances! I have them.  They develop over time from poor posture, poor movement habits, repetitive movements, sitting to much, injury, sports and even gravity.  If you want to age better, perform better, look better, move better, feel better…learn about your posture and your movement habits!  

Contact me anytime to look at your posture and start changing the way you move.



What is balance exactly?  

Balance is the ability to maintain your center of gravity within your base of support.

Posture is th ability to balance our head over shoulders…over our torso…over our pelvis…between our feet.  The feet are our base of support.  In actuality we all are in posture everyday…most of us are in poor posture due to the fact we have lost the ability to balance our posture between our feet in proper alignment.

An example would be a pretuding forward head developed from years of sitting at desk looking at a computer screen. That forward head is out of balance.  The forward head puts strain on the neck and shoulder muscles causing them to over stretch and become tired. This causes a cycle of adjustments in the body to help compensate for the forward head.  

Take a look around next time you are in a mall or grocery store.  Look at all the people just going about their life.  Look at all the different postures.  How many good -balanced postures do you see?  Probably not many.  Matter of fact someone with really good posture will stand out in a crowd…good posture is very attractive.  

How do you think some of the elderly get so bent over?  So stuck in a stooped position?  Why can’t they pick their feet up when they walk?  Why do they shuffle?  The answer is years of poor posture.  They lost their ability to balance the head over their shoulders in proper alignment long time ago.  This causes the body to alter mechanically in order to remain upright.   The muscles shorten or tighten. The bones and joints shift causing friction and degeneration.  How many of you have parents that you worry about taking a fall because their balance is so poor?

There is absolutely no one has to age poorly.  Age does not cause bent over crocked bodies.  

Start working on your posture today.  The better you can balance your head over your shoulders…over your torso…over your pelvis…between your feet (your base of support) the more efficient your muscles will work.  This stuff is important.  I realize no one ever thinks about their posture or how they move…but it is the key to aging well and moving well as we age.




May 6,2015

Take a look at these pictures.  The “before” picture is of a young woman with to much weight on the balls of her feet, to much anterior pelvic tilt,  internal rotation of the shoulders, arms & hands.  Very forward head and neck causing that strong curve in her neck.  This woman is way to you to have poor posture like this.  What is so astounding…so many people are walking around like this!  Working like this!  Playing like this!  These poor positions lead to pain.  These poor positions are muscle imbalances in action.  Most people have no idea what their posture looks like or how they move.  It does not have to be like this!  Let’s look at picture number two.

Same young woman with some adjuments.  Look at the difference!  When the body is in good alignment it moves better mechanically.  The muscles function as the are supposed to in order to move the bones.  If the bones are moving well…no friction.  In poor posture like the picture above…her neck and shoulder muscles are over stretched causing strain.  This causes those muscles to weaken.  The brain will call upon other muscles to help take up the slack.  This is how muscle imbalance is created.  Over time this can become crippling to the body.  

FOUNDATION TRAINING is the bomb!  I have been talking about FT for nearly two years now.  I still know FT is special.  FOUNDATION TRAINING will teach you body awareness, correct posture, correct muscle imbalances, strengthen and lengthen the posterior chain muscle groups, and change your life!

I know this because it has worked for me, people I have taught and I have seen many of my FT colleagues from around the globe help so many people.  

Healthcare is changing… Become proactive with your body and your health.  Learn Foundation Training!  Good posture is good health… Posture affects many areas of the body…internally and externally!

I hope to see you Sat May 16 at the Flowood YMCA for a posture check.  Get a posture picture taken and looked at.  Come learn about “your” body.  Good health starts with good posture!


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Tue 5/5/15:

POSTURE…the ability to balance.  The ability to balance our head over our shoulders. The ability to not fall down.

If you are standing…you are in posture.

Being in posture involves a lot of muscular actions….something we never think about.  We take for granted the many muscular abilities of our bodies.  I remember as a kid being able to move so freely, very athletically and without pain.  How I would love to still be able to move as a child and without pain.  Don’t get me wrong.  At age 57…I still move pretty well.  The difference now is I have to work at it and be conscious of what I do and how I do it.  It all start with Posture.

Once you are out of school and enter the working world life becomes more of a routine.  Even though I have always stayed active physically things about the body just change.  

The effects of a desk job catch up with you.  The effects of “stress” from everyday life catch up with you. The effects from injury catch up with you.  The effects of weight gain on your frame catches up with you.  As you age the weight becomes heavier, we start moving less, we become tired more easily, pain comes more often and stays longer.  I know how the body changes and how it feels as time passes.  Even though I stay active and I keep my weight under control and eat healthily…. We just don’t feel good every day!

POSTURE!  It all starts with our frame.  I spend a lot of time studying about posture and movement.  I teach FOUNDATION TRAINING…which is all about better posture and the muscles that keep you in posture.  No one is teaching about this in Ms…and posture/movement should be in ever gym, fitness program, rehab program, physical therapy program and other places I have not even thought of.

Doctors should be sending patients for posture/movement work instead of giving the a prescription.

A posture program is the prescription people need for pain, muscle imbalance, muscle weakness, forward head syndrome, back pain, stiff joints, poor balance…how does a pill or a shot fix this? 

May is National Posture Month…do yourself a favor and get your posture looked at.  Send your parents.  Send your kids if you are already noticing poor habits.

I will be at the Flowood YMCA Sat May 16 @9:30 talking about posture, Foundation Training and answering questions you may have.  If I do not know an answer I have a network of awesome “body” practioners who can help.  

We can all age better, move better which turns into moving more,have less pain, and take better care of our bodies.  It all starts with posture!  

Have a great day and never forget: MOVEMENT MATTERS