Friday 4/17/15:

The most common “ailment” in today’s society is Back Pain!  A whopping 80% of the population have some form of back pain.  Back Pain develops for many reasons.  Poor Posture, sitting to much, standing to much, being overweight, weak muscles, tight muscles, overpronation in the foot, to much anterior tilt in the pelvis, to much posterior tilt in the pelvis….the list goes on and on.

The good news is “most back pain” can be treated without medication, surgery or other major procedures.  The bad news is so many people are not willing to do a little work and change a few bad habits.  Most people go to the doctor and actually believe the medication that is prescribed will fix their back pain.  This just is not true and never will be.

First and foremost everyone needs to buy into the fact that humans are made to move.  I do not mean move from the chair to refrigerator, or from your desk to your car to your big easy chair at home.  I mean “ALL HUMANS” are meant to move all day long.  Our muscles need to be lengthened thru the day.  Our joints need to bear weight properly aligned through out the day.  Our muscles and joints need to be taken through their full range of motion through out the day.  We all need to learn how to breathe better using our lungs and diaphragm to a fuller capacity.  

It is a fact that people in far away countries with far less than we Americans have are healthier than us.  They work in the fields, on the fishing boats, doing manual labor.  They sit in a squat position to rest.  They sit on the ground in general.  We sit in big, curvy comfortable chairs…never getting that hip joint to close down any further. Hard to believe with all that we have here in the states that our society is so overweight, over medicated, lazy, and unhealthy.

If you want to feel better, manage your body pain without medication, improve how your body works…you better start changing your poor habits.  Our bodies are machines that need their full range of motion. 

FOUNDATION TRAINING will set you on the path to better body awareness and health.

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