Fri 3/6/15

Wanted to share this article from my chiropractor’s office: FOXWORTH CHIROPRACTIC.

Thanks for the reminder on how valuable the shoulder is to everyone.  The simple task of lifting the arm is taken for granted.  One only realizes this when pain occurs when performing this action.

I even have some shoulder issues with my right shoulder.  Nothing extreme…as of yet.  As the article states, the shoulder joint is rather unstable.  Mine will rotate towards the front….when it does it affects my whole arm, neck, shoulder and even my back.  

As we engage in physical exercise, and daily activities physical problems can arise.  Don’t stop doing!  Make sure you assess the pain, ice treatment, multi planar stretching (gently), massages, and chiropractic adjustments.  All these options are preventative and regular maintenance.  Don’t wait to get hurt before your start applying.  The body as a whole needs movement, maintenance, rest and overall attention.  

Your body will speak to you…slow down and listen.  We do not have to be in pain… Never stop moving!

Have a great weekend!  Time change is here….

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