Tue Mar 3 2105

You can improve as you age. Start with the basics…improve your posture.  Turn on the posterior chain and get your back muscles working again.  Yes, fire up the glutei…you still have butt muscles…use them!  Let them do their job, which is to help support your weight.  Get that head back up over your shoulders.  The more you have it sticking out the more your neck, shoulders and back are going to hurt!  

FOUNDATION TRAINING is your solution to better health and body improvement!  I promise you learning FOUNDATION TRAINING will correct that forward head, rounded shoulders, weak back muscles, tight hamstrings and much more.  

All I can do is keep telling everyone about FOUNDATION TRAINING.  I do this because I love it, believe in it and I know it works!  

Yesterday, I posted a few pictures of people in poor posture.  These people have muscular imbalances and pain issues.  I have worked with 3 of the people personally.  Take a look at today’s pictures… They are learning about their body.  They are learning why they have these issues and what to do to fix them.

Have a great day and I’ll be waiting on your call to schedule.

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