Mon. March 2,2015:

MOVEMENT, the average everyday person never gives how they move a thought.   After all we have been moving since infancy, thru childhood, thru our youthful athletic endeavors, into our professional life then into our senior life.  Most never even notice the changes along the way.  

Why have you started holding on to something when you sit down?  Why does your back hurt if you sit to long?  Why does your knee hurt if you decide to take a walk at the local walking trail?  Why does your neck and shoulders hurt all the time?  If you have asked yourself these questions…what was your answer?  Why do you think all these aches and pains happen to us?  A lot of the clients I work with all say, “I guess I’m just getting old”!  Granted, as we age we are not going to move like we did as a child or as a college athlete…but, we do not have to accept aches and pains, bent over posture, and lack of activity just because we have moved into the 40,50,60, and above category.  This is unacceptable!  Our bodies are miracles!  We all have the power within us to age gracefully…with movement.  

Look at the pictures below:  People of different ages, different occupations and different paths to get where they are now.  What do they all have in common?  POOR POSTURE AND PAIN!

Why should they settle for these poor postures, bent frames, compressed spines, weak muscles and pain?  They shouldn’t!  All of this can be improved with FOUNDATION TRAINING!  Yes, it is possible to age graceful, to stand up tall, to exercise with out pain, to still work in your yard, to get on the floor and play with the grand children.  

HOW?  Find a FOUNDATION TRAINING INSTRUCTOR.  Get an Assesment and then start learning FOUNDATION TRAINING.  FT will improve everything about you.  Poor posture leads to pain.  The people in the photos did not get like this over night. This is years of poor posture and poor movement patterns.  The good news, it can be worked on and improved!  It starts, with awareness and then implementing the exercises.  

Stay tuned…tomorrow the after pictures…

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