Sat 3/28/15:

I wanted to share this post on FOUNDATION TRAINING.  I do not know David Harvin personally, but as a FT instructor I appreciate his thoughts during the last certification in Atlanta.

The health and fitness arena is ever growing, ever changing and more competitive than ever.

I do personally know Dr Goodman, Ian, Dustin and the whole FT team.  They are very kind, compassionate and knowledgeable practioners and teachers.  They are bringing FT along the right way…slowly.  Always working on making FT better.  Always working to help people manage their pain with their own bodies.  FOUNDATION TRAINING is a healthcare product…that works!

I have been through a certification (no.4).  For me…it was life changing also.  I left that certification a different personal trainer.  My training techniques have changed since Sept of 2013… FT, has not only eliminated my back pain but made me a better trainer.  My mission became to help others learn why they have pain issues, balance problems and such.  Then help them correct these problems with FT principals.  Teaching them to improve their bodies with their own musculature.  This is the way to better movement, and better health.

Once you get thru the certification you become part of the FT family.  I have met so many other health care professionals…doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapist, yoga teachers, more personal trainers.  We all share ideas, experiences with clients.  We can go to our group page and ask a question…boom, here come so solutions.  Even, Eric, Erin, Dustin…the whole team participate.   The team helps us in everyway be better practioners as they keep developing FT to make it better for our patients/clients.

FOUNDATION TRAINING is a valuable tool to have in the tool box.  Combine FT with other modalities such as chiropractic, or massage, most people will successfully be able to manage their pain issues.  Use FT as a warm up for any type of activity and/or as a cool down after.  The first thing I do every morning at the coffee pot is a couple of deep long decompression breaths…does the body good!

The health care field is big business making big bucks.  That will probably only get worse…

For those of you who want to take care of your body, who want to stay away from pain medicine, who want to move better and feel better… LEARN FOUNDATION TRAINING!  Apply it in everything you do.



Mon March 23, 2015

Breathing is something we all take for granted.  We never give breathing a second thought… Hopefully, after reading this everyone will look at breathing differently and really start working on making the way you breathe work better for you.

Oxygen is needed in our bodies to help repair tissue and keep our cells healthy so they may do their various jobs.  Therefore, the more oxygen we can bring into our bodies the healthier we can be.

There are varying breathing techniques out there.  I prefer DECOMPRESSION BREATHING.  TThis technique is simple to learn yet take some practice to master.  This is a very muscular form of deep breathing.  A lot of back muscles will awake…core muscles are firing…and the lungs and diaphragm will learn to pull in larger amounts of healing oxygen…sending it thru the blood stream into tissue and the cells.  

Start by relaxing the body(I prefer to stand).  Center your body ove your heels, retract the shoulder blades which opens the chest area and gentle draw the navel towards the back of your spine.  Breathe in thru your nose raising the ribcage and maintaing your posture.  Do this a few times feeling the ribcage rise, the tension in the abdominal area and the muscles in your back.  

Once you are comfortable with that lets take it up a notch.

Get into posture, breathe in thru the nose lifting the ribcage and drawing navel back towards the spine.  Now, as you go to exhale maintain the lifting and pulling in.   FEEL THAT!  The muscles attached to that ribcage are really working to lift and stay up while you exhale…you should feel tension.  The better you get at this the tension will subside.  The muscles in the abdomen are really working as the pull in and stay there while you breathe out.  Again, you will feel some tension in the body.  The lungs and diaphragm are really working trying to pull in more and more air with each breath.  The diaphragm works with the core muscles while breathing…this is how we were breathing as a baby.


You will breathe easier, lengthing you spine, have stronger back/core muscles, bring more healing oxygen into your lungs, blood stream, tissue and cells.  You will decrease tension in the musculature and you will just plain feel better.

Have a great day!




The best way to be healthy and avoid sickness, medication and high medical cost is to be RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN HEALTH!

Eat plants, beans and nuts.  Cut out processed, salty and sugary foods.  Move your body…a lot!  Get massage and chiropractic adjustments at least once a month.  Our bodies need body work.  Our bodies are machines and need care and maintenance.  Just sayin!   Yes, you will have to budget for the work…the cost of maintenance is nothing compared to doctor bills and prescriptions. 

Below is an article I will share from my chiropractor…FOXWORTH CHIROPRACTIC.  Take a read…FOXWORTH CHIROPRACTIC believes and practices “whole health”!  

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An URGENT message from Dr. Berry and Dr. Cefalu.

We need your help to make sure YOU have the ability to choose Chiropractic Care in the future. The national debate on health care reform is changing from day to day and YOUR input is critical as the process moves along.

Our profession does not have millions and millions of dollars to spend in Washington to influence politicians as the drug companies and insurance companies

Rice and Beans

Regular Chiropractic Care and a Healthy Lifestyle
The importance of making healthy lifestyle choices is becoming increasingly well known. Vigorous exercise, a healthy diet, and sufficient rest are key components of a healthy lifestyle, regardless of a person’s age. But in order to get the most out of the good things you’re doing on your own behalf, your nerve system must be functioning at full capacity.

Nerve signals, messages between your brain and the rest of your body, need to be transmitted accurately and on time. “Service interruptions” result when spinal misalignments and nerve irritation are present. Your musculoskeletal system and digestive system are prevented from working efficiently. Such problems may lead to pain, symptoms, and even disease. Regular chiropractic care corrects spinal misalignments and helps reduce and resolve nerve irritation. As a result, regular chiropractic care helps maximize the benefit of all healthy lifestyle choices, enabling everyone to achieve greater levels of health and well being.

Rice and beans is a well-liked combination of foods that is not only delicious, but also good for you. Other well-known examples of food combinations, such as corn and lima beans (succotash), tomatoes and avocados, and even orange juice and oatmeal, provide benefits beyond those gained by eating these sound nutritional choices individually.1

For example, the combination of rice and beans provides complete dietary protein (containing all the essential amino acids we need to build all the other proteins in our bodies). Similarly, the succotash combination of lima beans and corn contains high concentrations of essential amino acids. When you combine avocados and tomatoes, the fat from the avocado helps your body more efficiently use heart-healthy and cancer-fighting antioxidants such as lycoprene contained in the tomato. A heart-healthy breakfast consisting of real oatmeal, such as oatmeal made from rolled oats or steel cut oats, and real orange juice (not from concentrate) provides a potent combination of phenols that are associated with reduced atherosclerosis and cancer. 2,3

These combinations are specific examples of the more general principle of food combining by which you combine proteins and complex carbohydrates at every meal. When you combine these complementary sources of nutrition on a regular basis, you retrain your body’s metabolism. By consuming a “slow-burning” energy source, you’re providing high-quality fuel for the next three to four hours. Several very good things occur as a result. Energy utilization is optimized, that is, your body gets more benefit out of every calorie it’s burning. Additionally, insulin levels are stabilized throughout the day. Over time, food combining helps a person become a leaner machine and helps reduce the likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes. These benefits are especially important for people who have been told they are hypoglycemic or pre-diabetic. Of course, you should always check with your doctor to make sure a food combining strategy is right for you.

When you add a program of regular, vigorous exercise to your food combining lifestyle choice, you obtain even more profound benefits. The vigorous exercise you’re doing raises your body’s basal metabolic rate. Your body begins to burn calories even when you’re asleep. Owing to the increase in lean muscle mass you’re gaining from exercising over time, you’re burning more calories throughout the day. You find yourself craving more nutritious foods, that is, those that will provide higher-quality nutrition, such as the nutrition contained in such combinations as rice and beans and oatmeal and orange juice. Thus, your positive lifestyle choices contain their own positive feedback system. The better choices you make, the healthier you become, and the healthier you want to be. The long-term results are enhanced health and well being for you, your family, and your friends.

1Liu RH: Health-promoting components of fruits and vegetables in the diet. Adv Nutr 4(3):384S-392S, 2013
2Hu D, et al: Fruits and vegetables consumption and risk of stroke: a meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies. Stroke 45(6):1613-1619, 2014
3Thomburg KL, Challis JR: How to build a healthy heart from scratch. Adv Exp Med Biol 814:205-216, 2014


Mon 3/9/15:

INTRINSIC CORE MUSCLES are responsibile for joint stability, mobility and posture.  

Our frame is made up of a bunch of bones stacked upon joints.  All of this is covered with layers of soft tissue…muscle, tendons, ligaments wrapped up in fascia.  Our human frame is a movement machine.  We are not built to sit or be non-mobile.  We are made to move…a lot.  

As an infant we had to learn how to move.  We start out just looking around swinging and kicking our limbs.  We gradually learn to roll.  We progress to rolling to sitting up then into crawling.  What is really happening during these stages is intrinsic core strength is developing.  That rolling, crawling baby is using their core to get them up from a lying position…the arms and legs are not yet strong enough.  The core muscles are on stabilizing so the baby doesn’t fall over…if the baby does fall over they roll right back up.  Thru crawling, the core is firing helping with balance.  The baby keeps their head up with a long straight spine.  The baby is developing strength in the shoulders, back, legs, arms and wrists.  The baby brain is working in unison with the muscles teaching integrated muscular movements.  This is how ALL of us started out moving…

What has happened thru the years?  Where did our core strength go?  Why are we bent over?  Why are we having pain?  Some of us can barely walk now!  The brain still sends signals, but now it signals the knees to help you sit.  Maybe, you have to give yourself a push with your arms to get out of a chair?  

We can do better!  For me, I am getting back to basics.  I have my own compensation patterns.  I have a right hip issue…nothing severe…but I do not want it progressing.  If we do not work on our movement when we have these issues…we will be worse off.  No cane for me!

I am implementing rolling and crawling patterns into my training.  I have tried some rolling exercises…much harder than it looks.  This shows my core weakness…yes, you can have good mobility and still have intrinsic core weakness!  This probably explains why most of us have back pain!  If your core is not stabilizing…your back is probably doing the work.  Crawling is a cardio/strengthening technique.  Going back to the baby…they are in training with all that crawling!  As soon as they develop enough strength…up they go onto 2 feet!

For those of you who say you have never worked out…yes you did once upon a time ago!  

Get back to basics.  Practice rolling and crawling…I am!  Don’t worry, I will be keeping you posted because this is important.  Of course, Foundation Training will go along with this very well.

Have a great day!




Fri 3/6/15

Wanted to share this article from my chiropractor’s office: FOXWORTH CHIROPRACTIC.

Thanks for the reminder on how valuable the shoulder is to everyone.  The simple task of lifting the arm is taken for granted.  One only realizes this when pain occurs when performing this action.

I even have some shoulder issues with my right shoulder.  Nothing extreme…as of yet.  As the article states, the shoulder joint is rather unstable.  Mine will rotate towards the front….when it does it affects my whole arm, neck, shoulder and even my back.  

As we engage in physical exercise, and daily activities physical problems can arise.  Don’t stop doing!  Make sure you assess the pain, ice treatment, multi planar stretching (gently), massages, and chiropractic adjustments.  All these options are preventative and regular maintenance.  Don’t wait to get hurt before your start applying.  The body as a whole needs movement, maintenance, rest and overall attention.  

Your body will speak to you…slow down and listen.  We do not have to be in pain… Never stop moving!

Have a great weekend!  Time change is here….


Tue Mar 3 2105

You can improve as you age. Start with the basics…improve your posture.  Turn on the posterior chain and get your back muscles working again.  Yes, fire up the glutei…you still have butt muscles…use them!  Let them do their job, which is to help support your weight.  Get that head back up over your shoulders.  The more you have it sticking out the more your neck, shoulders and back are going to hurt!  

FOUNDATION TRAINING is your solution to better health and body improvement!  I promise you learning FOUNDATION TRAINING will correct that forward head, rounded shoulders, weak back muscles, tight hamstrings and much more.  

All I can do is keep telling everyone about FOUNDATION TRAINING.  I do this because I love it, believe in it and I know it works!  

Yesterday, I posted a few pictures of people in poor posture.  These people have muscular imbalances and pain issues.  I have worked with 3 of the people personally.  Take a look at today’s pictures… They are learning about their body.  They are learning why they have these issues and what to do to fix them.

Have a great day and I’ll be waiting on your call to schedule.


Mon. March 2,2015:

MOVEMENT, the average everyday person never gives how they move a thought.   After all we have been moving since infancy, thru childhood, thru our youthful athletic endeavors, into our professional life then into our senior life.  Most never even notice the changes along the way.  

Why have you started holding on to something when you sit down?  Why does your back hurt if you sit to long?  Why does your knee hurt if you decide to take a walk at the local walking trail?  Why does your neck and shoulders hurt all the time?  If you have asked yourself these questions…what was your answer?  Why do you think all these aches and pains happen to us?  A lot of the clients I work with all say, “I guess I’m just getting old”!  Granted, as we age we are not going to move like we did as a child or as a college athlete…but, we do not have to accept aches and pains, bent over posture, and lack of activity just because we have moved into the 40,50,60, and above category.  This is unacceptable!  Our bodies are miracles!  We all have the power within us to age gracefully…with movement.  

Look at the pictures below:  People of different ages, different occupations and different paths to get where they are now.  What do they all have in common?  POOR POSTURE AND PAIN!

Why should they settle for these poor postures, bent frames, compressed spines, weak muscles and pain?  They shouldn’t!  All of this can be improved with FOUNDATION TRAINING!  Yes, it is possible to age graceful, to stand up tall, to exercise with out pain, to still work in your yard, to get on the floor and play with the grand children.  

HOW?  Find a FOUNDATION TRAINING INSTRUCTOR.  Get an Assesment and then start learning FOUNDATION TRAINING.  FT will improve everything about you.  Poor posture leads to pain.  The people in the photos did not get like this over night. This is years of poor posture and poor movement patterns.  The good news, it can be worked on and improved!  It starts, with awareness and then implementing the exercises.  

Stay tuned…tomorrow the after pictures…