Thur 2/26/15:

At any given time 31 million Americans are seeking professional help for low back pain.  Many of these pain sufferers turn to medication, injections and eventually surgery to alleviate their pain.  Most back pain is caused by muscular imbalances, muscular weakness, poor posture and poor movement habits.  Most back pain can be managed changing and improving ones musculature and habits.  It is a FACT medicine, and injections change nothing!

Piriformis Syndrome (buttock pain)Sciatica (back & leg), and Myofascial Pain are common conditions which produce low back, buttocks or radiating leg pain. Low back or buttock pain often results from the piriformis muscle compressing your sciatic nerve, the longest nerve in the human body. Pressure on the sciatic nerve can produce severe pain and discomfort radiating down the leg and up through the buttocks to the lower back.   Pain that radiates down the leg is commonly called Sciatica. A common cause of Sciatica is Piriformis Syndrome.  I have had this condition myself for many years.  I still get a flare up now and then…mostly tightness, but I now keep all my back issues managed.  

How did I conquer my back pain?  Foundation Training!  Foundation training will will help anyone improve their posture, Correct  muscular imbalances, stretch and strengthen the posterior chain, and change your movement patterns.  That’s all four of the above mentioned causes….all 4.

A tight piriformis is as common as a cold!  If you have been diagnosed with sciatica your piriformis has to be addressed.  The injections and pain pills you are taking for relief are not Stretching or releasing the piriformis.  The drugs are not addressing your gluteal muscles.  The medication is not addressing your posture or movement patterns.  Foundation Training will do all the above.

Contact me today for an Assesment. Have a great day!

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