Mon. 2/2/15
January is in the books…that was fast!
Let’s talk a little foam rolling. Last week I showed you some self myofascial techniques to implement into your fitness routine. Today, I will spend a little more time on this because it is important.
The soreness in your body is there for a reason. You can have soreness from overuse, performing a new activity, muscles weakness, misalignment in the body, even from sitting to much.
I use the foam roller or tennis ball most everyday. It helps to get the tension out of a particular area so that I can move better. I know my body pretty well…this is key! I understand how my body feels, how it is moving and what it needs to feel better. If people were more aware of their body and how it was moving on a daily basis….they would be feeling so much better.

The picture above is a foam roller and some of the benefits from rolling on a regular basis. You can get one of these at a sports store Target or Walmart.
There are also a variety of foam rollers. I suggest start with this type of roller before purchasing the type with grooves and knobs on them.

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