Tue. 1/27/15:
A staggering 80% of the American population suffer from back pain. Back pain is very real condition that is usually re-occurring on a regular basis. Most people pop a pill to relieve the symptoms. Everything from Advil to narcotics. This is not the way to fix what is causing back pain. For those of you who suffer with back pain here are some ways to manage the pain and start focusing on treating the cause of the pain…not just the symptom.

The first thing to do is correct your posture. Find a trainer, movement specialist, who can help you correct the way you carry yourself. The way we carry our frame is a leading cause as to why we hurt.
Release your feel good hormones thru aerobic exercise . Get a massage to help relax muscles and stimulate blood flow. Try chiropractic care, accupuncture, deep breathing to bring in oxygen to the tissue and cells for healing.
REST! Get plenty of good sleep. The body needs rest.
Exercise. There is just no way around it…everyone needs to do daily exercise. This is the perfect opportunity to learn FOUNDATION TRAINING! Once you know how to perform FT…take a 5 minute break at work and apply FT. At lunch do a FOUNDER…perfect for getting the hamstrings refreshed. FOUNDATION TRAINING will keep back pain at bay!
There is always the go to ice/heat treatments. Cold to reduce swelling and to slow down pain signals. Heat to relax. Don’t forget a good warm Epsom salt bath!

We have to stop the mind set…take a pill or go to bed to fix our pain issues. The only way to fix pain issues is to find the source then begin a regimen of the above treatments. You will be amazed at what a little knowledge about your body will do for you.



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