Does your foot work in this position?

Does your foot work in this position?

Mon Jan 12,2015:
BACK PAIN… A nagging and sometimes debilitating pain to have. Yet, 80% of
Americans have it. I have suffered with back pain myself since high school.
Luckily, I have found great relief thru Foundation Training.
Since I teach Foundation Training I am always studying about the body and treating the causes of our body we pain. Today, I’ll hopefully get readers to look at their feet?
The feet can say so much about the body. If you came to me for an assessment the first thing I will do is look at your feet. There are many bones in the feet along with so many nerves. Your feet are designed to do so much work, yet if they do not work properly…the kinetic chain is altered. The kinetic chain, is how all muscles coming out of the feet up the ankle, thru the calf, and all the way up the body work. Your feet may not hurt but your back, hips,knees, or something else might.
Our feet move in many ways:
Plantar flexion of the ankle, which occurs when you stand on your tiptoes. If you’re sitting with your legs out in front of you, plantar flexion of the ankle happens when you point your toes.
Dorsiflexion, which occurs when you stand on your heels with the balls of the feet lifted off the floor. If you’re sitting, dorsiflexion happens when you push your heels away from you and pull your toes toward you, for example in plank pose.
Supination, which takes place when you stand with your weight rolled onto the outer edges of your feet, lifting the arches and the base of the big toe. Non-weight-bearing supination happens when you sit with your legs out in front of you and turn the soles of the feet so they start to face each other, like in wide-angle pose.
Pronation, which occurs when you lift the outer edges of your feet as you stand, collapsing your arches. In sitting postures, pronation occurs when you press out through your inner heels and the bases of your big toes.
The most common foot deviation is over pronation and lack of Dorsi flexion. These two deviations lead to all kinds of body issues. So, stand in the mirror and look at your feet. Notice what your foot is doing…look at the toes. Do you have a callous? Bunion? All of this is a sign of improper foot alignment… If your foot is not aligned correctly I can promise you it is not working properly…which can be the root cause of other body pain.
Learn about your body!

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