Fri 1/10/15:
Instead of counting calories and taking away meals or snacks…add a healthy breakfast!
Breakfast, in my opinion is the best meL of the day and serves many purposes. First of all, it refuels a person. You have been or should have been fasting thru the night. Your body should have been without food the the last 12-14 hours. I am usually thru with my evening meal by 6pm… I am ready for my morning meal by 7:30. I love breakfast!
Secondly, once I have breakfast…bam! A big boost of energy! Now, I have conditioned myself to be on this schedule that’s why it works well for me. So, if you are just implementing breakfast…give yourself time to adjust and for your body to get on the schedule also.

Thirdly, Even though many know the importance of breakfast such as nutritional benefits and long term improvement in overall diet quality. It is still the most missed meal of the day for many of all ages. There is some research that eating a well-balanced daily breakfast can improve weight management, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes, but the research at this time is inconclusive.

It has been noted, those that do consume breakfast on a regular basis tend to have a more positive functional, nutritional and metabolic outcome. Those that eat breakfast tend to have a healthier lifestyle and partake in other health promoting behaviors such as regular forms of exercise and other health related positive habits, rather than partaking in non-healthy habits such as smoking.
Now, I did not say eat just whatever….lol! You can not just pile on bacon, fried eggs and hash browns. Try, 2 boiled eggs, with a slice of whole grain toast w/ peanut butter and jelly. Have a bran muffin with a banana. Have overnight oats or ever steel cut oats. On the weekends I like to have pancakes. I make them healthier by using coconut or almond meal. I’ll mix that with an egg, a dash of cinnamon, a scoop of protein powder, coconut milk…yum! I’m not scared to top it with sliced almonds and a little syrup.

Breakfast, is important! You need it, your kids need it…period! Make time to do a breakfast. Send the kid out with a piece of obj toast. Trash the fruit loops.

Have a great day!

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