Tue. Jan 6,2015:
After our first day back to work how does everyone’s neck feel? Do you feel a little strain after getting back to your office chair? Getting back to the keyboard and computer screen? How many of you got up from your desk to stretch out a little? Do you feel the stress in your neck, shoulders, mid and low back? Take a look at the picture below:

These are some of the most common postures. See if you can pick the one that fits you. Most people are clueless to the type of posture they have or the effects of that posture.
Most people that I work with have posture number 3 and 4 of varying degrees. Most are in the mild to moderate range of the posture progress into to deep of a curve…and I have some much more severe. I can promise you those with desk jobs your muscle fatigue/pain is from these postures coupled with sitting to much.
What to do? You can not just say, well this is how I am built! You have to correct the posture, work on the muscles and start moving more. If not, you will be bent slap over! People get bent over from to many years of poor posture and muscle imbalance…not because they have gotten older!
FOUNDATION TRAINING will correct posture issues and muscle imbalance. FOUNDATION a TRAINING a is serious, medicine, exercise and therapy for body issues. FOUNDATIONS TRAINING is easy to learn and inexpensive. Invest in your health…invest in your body…you are worth it!
If you want to enjoy retirement when you leave that desk job…you better get started!

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