Friday 12/26/14:
Hoping everyone had an awesome Christmas and lots of good food. We are on the down side to ending 2014. Still more food, celebrating, football games, and family/friend time. Everyone enjoy!
As for me I am always spending time learning about the body and helping people improve their posture, fitness and help decrease their pain. Of course, I am a fan of taking care of the body the most natural way possible.
Lots of healthy food, better movement patterns, exercise using better movement patterns. The body is a magnificent machine that needs to be oiled and lubed, hence “movement”. This is how we maintain the flexibility/strength and the integrity of the muscles and joints. I can not begin to explain how in depth the brain and muscular system work to keep us moving. I can tell you that way to many people eat poorly, sit to much, have bad posture. The combination of these three things is detrimental to our health and well being. So, my focus is on helping individuals improve in these areas. Improvement in these areas is mandatory to reduce pain, protect joints, strengthen our muscular system and to keep us moving in a proper way. So, here’s to 2015 and better movement!
Below is an example of just something small… Do you know what your posture really is?



The picture says it all! This is what FOUNDATION TRAINING will do for you!

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