Mon Dec 1, 2014:
Morning everyone! Time to start knocking out this last month of 2014! At the same time let’s start planning what we can do better in 2015. Of course, I’m here to talk about your health and fitness plans.
Let’s figure out why your 2014 plan of exercising and/or losing a few pounds failed.
Could it be that exercise just could not stay at the top of the “to do” list?
Could it be that after a hard day at the office your back hurts, your neck hurts or you are just to tired?
Could it be that you just feel to uncomfortable at the gym you joined and just don’t know what to do once you get there?
Could it be once you miss a few times of exercising it becomes easier to miss than to do it?
Could it be the task of exercise is just to much because you believe you can never get all that weight off?
Could it be you just hate exercise? You hated gym class in school and you still don’t like to exercise?
Are any of these your reasons? Is there something else?
No matter what the reason some form of exercise is mandatory. We have to exert some force, get our heart pumping, move our joints. Use it or loose it really does apply.
Let’s start thinking about exercise as simply just “movement”. Instead of saying, I need to go exercise today…say, I am going to move through out the day. Most of us go to work everyday and sit at a desk all day 6-8 hours or more. In 2015 let’s focus on sitting at that desk only 1-2 hours per day. That means you would have stood up 4-6 hours. Just standing burns calories. Standing makes you bear weight on your joints which makes your muscles do some work. Standing makes you work against gravity. Standing and moving around at the office is going to do way more than sitting in your chair all day long!
Right here in Jackson Ms. obesity is the norm! It is not ok to be so overweight that you just do not move or just do not care anymore. It is not ok in any way! If you fall into this category…start changing. You do not have to aim for “skinny”, just aim for “moving”.

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