Friday 11/14/14:
POSTURE speaks volumes. Everyone knows how you carry yourself when you walk into a room or a stage speaks volumes. If you want people to listen to you… Stand tall, be positive, carry yourself with confidence. People with good posture tend to be confident anyway. People who stand tall with an open chest and eyes looking straight ahead are just waiting to answer a question, solve a problem, or offer advice.
Face it, in this day and age most of us sit at a computer a lot, or sit behind the wheel of a car a lot. We all stare at our cell phone no telling how many times a day. These activities coupled with gravity are crippling so many people. We have to pay attention to what we are doing and how we are doing it. I was in the same boat with everyone else. I did not realize how my everyday life was contributing to my back pain issues. I have always been very active, keep my weight under control, and pay attention to my body. I just always had a back ache. I just accepted it as being active and aging. I just thought, I would rather have a back ache from being active than sedentary!
Enter FOUNDATION TRAINING! What I have learned from FT has changed everything. First, my back does not hurt anymore. Second, health and fitness is so much more than jogging and lifting weights. True health and fitness starts with knowing your body. Knowing your posture, knowing how you sit, stand, walk, just move in general. Knowing your habits…
It does you absolutely no good to exercise with poor posture and poor movement patterns! Granted, it is still exercise… You may have gotten your heart rate up, but you are accentuating your weaknesses and imbalances. This will catch up with you.
Take the time to learn FOUNDATIONS TRAINING! You will learn about your individual posture and movement. You will be able to apply FT to your daily life at your desk. You will improve your jog, your workout, your performance in competitions. Back pain can/will just about go away. You will feel better. Your confidence will return.
FOUNDATION TRAININGS is medicine. Take a dose a day and you will reap the benefits.
Contact me for a session to evaluate what you are doing now. After all, if you do not know what you are doing you can not make adjustments.
Gift certificates are available for the holidays.

Start moving better…it pays dividends!


Wed 11/12/14:
The CORE…is involved in every movement we make. Think of the core as the central link that connects the upper body to the pelvis and the lower body to the pelvis. This is where all the action takes place. Weak core muscles impair how well your arms and legs work and lead to poor movement patterns which leads to injury and pain.
A strong core helps stand us upright, helps us breathe deeply and more efficiently. A strong core helps move with confidence, power and grace. A strong core helps protect us from falls, sudden blows and helps protects our spine and back.
No matter what we do our core plays a role. From sitting at our desk, to mopping the floor, playing with the dog, playing a round of golf, taking a walk, lifting weights….everything! We need a strong core.
A weak core leads to nothing but problems… Number one on the list BACKACHE PAIN!
Low back pain — a debilitating, sometimes excruciating problem affecting four out of five Americans at some point in their lives — may be prevented by exercises that promote well-balanced, resilient core muscles. When back pain strikes doctors often recommend strengthening the core. They also, prescribe medications. Skip the pain pills and use your muscles. I realize, when you are in pain you don’t think you can move. I have been there many many times myself. Now, I know Foundation Training!. FT will track you how to use your own musculature to get thru the spasm and maybe never have them again. I am not joking!
Eventually, FOUNDATION TRAINING will be everywhere. It’s all over the place in California , Colorado and more places to the West…it’s even worse growing outside the US. FT is slowing making it’s way to the south.
FOUNDATIONS TRAINING is the absolute best core training exercise on the planet. Remember…those muscles attach to bones and they all end up meeting at the pelvis. Learn to raise your ribcage with your breath. Learn to expand your ribcage with your muscles. Learn to strengthen your posterior muscles while they are in a lengthened state. Learn to stand up tall again, Just because we are aging a little bit doesn’t mean we have to be weak and humped over.
If you have that little round hump developing in your mid back…learn Foundation Training!
If you have poor posture learn Foundation Training!
If your back and neck hurt all day while sitting at your desk learn Foundation Training!
If you are sick and tired of hurting from muscular aches and pain Learn Foundation Training!
Start making changes…your body wants to feel better! It’s all up to you.



Tue 11/11/14:

How many times have you heard “strengthen your core” if you have back problems? So, you proceed to “strengthen you core” by doing sit ups and crunches. I have done the same thing myself. I was taught sit ups back in the day… I mean in the 60’s….lol! That’s all fitness people knew back in the day. I still see people doing sit ups and crunches in the gym today. If you have back problems I do not recommend those two exercises. For the core…nothing beats FOUNDATION TRAINING and planks!
In FOUNDATION TRAININGS a lot of focus is put upon the transverse abdominus. The transverse abdominus is a very deep abdominal muscle that helps with breathing and should act as a stabilizer of the pelvis. The transverse abdominus should also act as a girdle to help absorbs forces from activities such as running. I use the term should because if your transverse abdominus is to weak it will not be able to do its job properly. Therefore, back problems and other muscular problems occur. Core strength get starts with the transverse abdominus. Every exercise in FOUNDATION TRAINING begins with the transverse abdominus being activated.
If you really want to strengthen your core and help stop back pain and other muscular pain learn FOUNDATION TRAINING! I can not say it enough…FOUNDATION TRAININGS works!


Mon 11/10/14:
My friend Jane was in town this week for the Sanderson Farms PGA event. I have shown her a little FT on the fly at some golf events in the past. She wanted me to give her a session and go in more depth about her body… So here is a little bit of her session.
Jane is a dental hygienist with over 20 years of experience. She sits on a dental stool all day in a rounded back position with her head down a lot. Also, her femur is externally rotated outward more than the average person because of her job…which has her feet splayed wide open.
Jane is a quick learner and analytical by nature. I explained decompression breathing…how and why it needs to be done daily. I taught Jane some better body positions to be in… For example getting her feet to point more forward. She immediately felt how uncomfortable this was for her. It’s important to be in the correct positions when doing any of the FT exercises. This is how you train the imbalanced or weaker muscles.
During our assessment I asked Jane to perform a squat. She does her squat…the picture below. I also video the squat and play it back so the client can see which part of the body is initiating the movement.
Now, the fun part…I get to teach how to fix this!!!!
I begin by teaching the hinge with the hip leading…not her knee or quad. I teach her about how to keep her shoulder blades retracted through out the movement pattern (this was a really weak link for her). I explained when in this hinged position to reallywork on the breathing pattern really lifting and expanding the rib cage area pulling in oxygen.  We worked on this for a while…she caught on quickly.  Jane is an active person…she plays a lot of golf  and does work out at a gym, but she was amazed that her movement patterns were incorrect.  Jane does have some mild scoliosis and she has a history of shoulder problems.  I know a lot of hygienists with neck/shoulder problems.  It’s hard on the body to be in those hygeine positions all day everyday…this is how muscle imbalances happen!  I believe with FOUNDATION TRAINING…Jane, can strengthen her shoulder blade area and get her adductors activated fixing her external rotation issues to help balance her out and ease the discomfort.

Go to my Facebook page stevey’s training room featuring foundation trIning to see Jane’s after session pictures.

i could not get the pictures to load in this article…sorry about that!  Check out the page to see her improvement.



Sun 11/9/14:
I am a firm believer in doing everything possible to relieve pain issues before taking a cortisone injection. I strongly suggest rest, movement therapy, Foundation Training, ice/ heat treatments, etc. Cortisone injections do relieve the pain… A lot of times very quickly, but in most cases the relief is short lived and the cause of the initial pain has returned. In a lot of cases the cause and the pain are worse.
Physioworks4you shared just what corticosteroid is:
What is a Corticosteroid?
Corticosteroid Injection
Corticosteroid injections are often administered to relieve pain and promote healing.
Corticosteroid’s primary functions are to increase blood sugar, suppress the immune system, and aid in fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolism. It also decreases bone formation.
Researchers generally find that there is a good short-term benefit from corticosteroids but there are some long-term side effects, which may be less desirable.
Some patients report good initial relief before a recurrence of symptoms.
Unfortunately, as with most drugs there are side effects and corticosteroids should be cautiously especially with diabetics. Whether you are suitable candidate for a corticosteroid injection should be discussed with your doctor. Diabetes and other general health issues can limit its safe use.
The best results have been shown to occur when the injection is performed under ultrasound guidance.
I am sure there are situations where an injection may be needed….
Just look at the primary function list above …I do not want my blood sugar or immune system messed with!
I had a client diagnosed with bursitis in the hip. She did try rest, adjustments, etc but her problem was in the soft tissue. She ended up at a pain management doctor after 6 months…first thing out of his mouth “injection”! She refused! She did get therapy and massage which helped some, but for 6 more months the discomfort and the catching in her hip every time she brought her knee up continued.
Enter FOUNDATION TRAINING…we started a regimen of FT and her hip dramatically improved. The problem the whole time were weak back muscles. Her right hip was overworked because of the weak back. She is doing great now and still practices FT.
I am always going to advise doing everything else first. The body can heal itself if given time .


Friday 11/7/14:
Did You Know?

Sitting All Day is Risky!
Prolonged sitting significantly impacts your cardiovascular and metabolic function and can leave you at greater risk for heart failure and other heart-related problems. One study claims that exercise may not even be able to counter the cardiovascular risk caused by sitting. In fact, the authors of the study write that the positive health benefits of one hour of exercise can be counteracted by six hours of uninterrupted sitting. The good news is that you have virtually unlimited options when it comes to breaking up your sitting. From standing desks and office-friendly intermittent exercise to short walks, all of it counts. Standing up or bending down increases the force of gravity on your body, and this is the key to counteracting the cellular degeneration that occurs when you’re sitting down. A recent study has been found that taking a five-minute walk for every hour you spend in your chair can reduce the heart disease risks associated with chronic sitting.
Stand up and do a decompression pose, walk down the hall, step outside and breathe some fresh air, take a walk after you have lunch…fight the harmful effects of sitting, poor posture and gravity. You can do this!.



We’d Nov 5, 2014:
It’s that time of year again…holiday time! More food than usual, more stress than usual, more gathering than usual, more shopping than usual…
Always trying to find that perfect gift for someone…
My suggestion: FOUNDATION TRAINING GIFT CERTIFICATE! The gift of helping someone learn about their own body.
If you have a loved one or friend with poor posture or who complains of back pain, shoulder pain, or really body pain in general…give them one or two lessons of FOUNDATION TRAINING.
If you have a loved one or friend living on pain pills or anti inflammatory drugs…give them FOUNDATION TRAING!
Learning about your own body…how you are using it now…then implementing a few changes…can change someone’s life.