Tue 11/11/14:

How many times have you heard “strengthen your core” if you have back problems? So, you proceed to “strengthen you core” by doing sit ups and crunches. I have done the same thing myself. I was taught sit ups back in the day… I mean in the 60’s….lol! That’s all fitness people knew back in the day. I still see people doing sit ups and crunches in the gym today. If you have back problems I do not recommend those two exercises. For the core…nothing beats FOUNDATION TRAINING and planks!
In FOUNDATION TRAININGS a lot of focus is put upon the transverse abdominus. The transverse abdominus is a very deep abdominal muscle that helps with breathing and should act as a stabilizer of the pelvis. The transverse abdominus should also act as a girdle to help absorbs forces from activities such as running. I use the term should because if your transverse abdominus is to weak it will not be able to do its job properly. Therefore, back problems and other muscular problems occur. Core strength get starts with the transverse abdominus. Every exercise in FOUNDATION TRAINING begins with the transverse abdominus being activated.
If you really want to strengthen your core and help stop back pain and other muscular pain learn FOUNDATION TRAINING! I can not say it enough…FOUNDATION TRAININGS works!

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