Mon 11/10/14:
My friend Jane was in town this week for the Sanderson Farms PGA event. I have shown her a little FT on the fly at some golf events in the past. She wanted me to give her a session and go in more depth about her body… So here is a little bit of her session.
Jane is a dental hygienist with over 20 years of experience. She sits on a dental stool all day in a rounded back position with her head down a lot. Also, her femur is externally rotated outward more than the average person because of her job…which has her feet splayed wide open.
Jane is a quick learner and analytical by nature. I explained decompression breathing…how and why it needs to be done daily. I taught Jane some better body positions to be in… For example getting her feet to point more forward. She immediately felt how uncomfortable this was for her. It’s important to be in the correct positions when doing any of the FT exercises. This is how you train the imbalanced or weaker muscles.
During our assessment I asked Jane to perform a squat. She does her squat…the picture below. I also video the squat and play it back so the client can see which part of the body is initiating the movement.
Now, the fun part…I get to teach how to fix this!!!!
I begin by teaching the hinge with the hip leading…not her knee or quad. I teach her about how to keep her shoulder blades retracted through out the movement pattern (this was a really weak link for her). I explained when in this hinged position to reallywork on the breathing pattern really lifting and expanding the rib cage area pulling in oxygen.  We worked on this for a while…she caught on quickly.  Jane is an active person…she plays a lot of golf  and does work out at a gym, but she was amazed that her movement patterns were incorrect.  Jane does have some mild scoliosis and she has a history of shoulder problems.  I know a lot of hygienists with neck/shoulder problems.  It’s hard on the body to be in those hygeine positions all day everyday…this is how muscle imbalances happen!  I believe with FOUNDATION TRAINING…Jane, can strengthen her shoulder blade area and get her adductors activated fixing her external rotation issues to help balance her out and ease the discomfort.

Go to my Facebook page stevey’s training room featuring foundation trIning to see Jane’s after session pictures.

i could not get the pictures to load in this article…sorry about that!  Check out the page to see her improvement.


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