Sun 11/9/14:
I am a firm believer in doing everything possible to relieve pain issues before taking a cortisone injection. I strongly suggest rest, movement therapy, Foundation Training, ice/ heat treatments, etc. Cortisone injections do relieve the pain… A lot of times very quickly, but in most cases the relief is short lived and the cause of the initial pain has returned. In a lot of cases the cause and the pain are worse.
Physioworks4you shared just what corticosteroid is:
What is a Corticosteroid?
Corticosteroid Injection
Corticosteroid injections are often administered to relieve pain and promote healing.
Corticosteroid’s primary functions are to increase blood sugar, suppress the immune system, and aid in fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolism. It also decreases bone formation.
Researchers generally find that there is a good short-term benefit from corticosteroids but there are some long-term side effects, which may be less desirable.
Some patients report good initial relief before a recurrence of symptoms.
Unfortunately, as with most drugs there are side effects and corticosteroids should be cautiously especially with diabetics. Whether you are suitable candidate for a corticosteroid injection should be discussed with your doctor. Diabetes and other general health issues can limit its safe use.
The best results have been shown to occur when the injection is performed under ultrasound guidance.
I am sure there are situations where an injection may be needed….
Just look at the primary function list above …I do not want my blood sugar or immune system messed with!
I had a client diagnosed with bursitis in the hip. She did try rest, adjustments, etc but her problem was in the soft tissue. She ended up at a pain management doctor after 6 months…first thing out of his mouth “injection”! She refused! She did get therapy and massage which helped some, but for 6 more months the discomfort and the catching in her hip every time she brought her knee up continued.
Enter FOUNDATION TRAINING…we started a regimen of FT and her hip dramatically improved. The problem the whole time were weak back muscles. Her right hip was overworked because of the weak back. She is doing great now and still practices FT.
I am always going to advise doing everything else first. The body can heal itself if given time .

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