Sat 11/29/14:
I talk all the time about using proper movement patterns in our daily life. Each and everyone of us have been using movements patterns since infancy. As children we learned the seven fundamental movement patterns as we developed. The seven patterns are gait, squat, lunge, push, pull, press,and twist. As very young children our brain would learn a pattern and we perfect the pattern with depiction. As children we moved freely, with full range of motion in our joints and with no pain. How many kids come inside after a full day of playing and complain of pain? Oh, to be a kid again!!!!
The seven patterns listed are fundamental. Now that we are all grown up we still use these patterns, but what has happened? We are not so free. Many of us move stiffly. Heaven forbid if we attempted to squat or lunge! The most squatting we do is to sit on a toilet….and a lot of us have trouble getting that low. Of course, all of us still walk around (gait), but how many of us walk with any pep in our step? Jog? Run? How many of us avoid going up slops, stairs because it bothers our hips or knees? How many of us have a back so tight we avoid twisting at all costs? Remember, this are basic fundamental movements… We still need to be able to perform this movements efficiently.
The human brain is very efficient. One of its aims is to record and recall movement patterns that make life easier allowing it more capacity to deal with life’s little anomalies.
If you see yourself in this article… It is time to learn foundation training! We have not become inefficient in our movement patterns because we have aged. I hear that all the time, ” I’m just getting old”. Even I don’ t move as well as I once did…but I work at it everyday by moving and doing FOUNDATION TRAINING!
FOUNDATION TRAINING will help you to reprogram those 7 fundamental movement patterns. FOUNDATIONS TRAINING will reprogram your moving patterns back to a more efficient state… remember, you used to do these movements better and without pain. If you cannot stand up straight, if your head is jutting forward, if your shoulders are rolled forward, if you are getting the “hump” in your back, if it hurts to sit/stand to long…why in the world have you not started FT? Getting “older” is not the problem….but you will be old and not able to function sooner than expected if you do not get busy working on your body.
FT works! Let’s feel better in 2015! Contact me for your appt. today!



Thanksgiving Day 2014:
Happy Thanksgiving to all! I do not want to ruin the best food eating day of the year…so, you may want to read this article tomorrow.
If you are one of the ones saying as soon as the holidays are over I’m going on a diet…read the article. I got my info on this article from Dr Mercola.
I do not like to use the word diet myself because I like people to eat all varieties of food. The key is to eat fresh! If it came out of the ground eat it! If it comes out of a can or has already been cooked by a company then sold frozen I can guarantee you it’s full of “crap” so that it will not spoil. In today’s world food is so expensive. Going to the grocery store is expensive. Yes, the can beans food is cheaper than the fresh beans…but the can beans have chemicals to prevent them from spoiling. These chemicals are not good for us over the long haul.
What Happens When You Eat Processed Foods?
Processing modifies or removes important components of food, like fiber, water, and nutrients, changing the way they are digested and assimilated in your body. Unlike whole foods, which contain a mix of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, fiber, and water to help you feel satisfied, processed foods stimulate dopamine, a feel-good neurotransmitter, making you feel good even though the food lacks nutrients and fiber. This artificial dopamine stimulation can lead to excessive food cravings and, ultimately, food addiction.

Mood swings, memory problems and even depression are often the result of a heavily processed-food diet. In fact, the greatest concentration of serotonin, which is involved in mood control, depression, and aggression, is found in your intestines, not your brain! Many scientists believe that your gut is your second brain and they work in tandem, each influencing the other. Your intestinal health can have a profound influence on your mental health, and vice versa – and why eating processed foods that can harm your gut flora can have a profoundly negative impact on your mood, psychological health and behavior.
Read the labels…nitrates,BHA, artificial color, artificial flavor, aluminums, prophyls… All this stuff is not good. I did not say you can never have a can of beans! I am saying a diet that is based on processed foods is not good for you and can be a cause of weight gain and health issues..
This is just food for thought! If you want to loose some weight and feel better…a change in your diet is a great place to start! Make the necessary adjustment.


Wed 11/26/14:
Tomorrow is the biggest food fest day of the year! Thanksgiving is a really fun holiday…lots of food, family/friends gather together, football games, hunting season, pick up games in the yard, and of course the naps and the reheating of all that food!
As a fitness/health advocate I am not going to sit here and try to talk all “healthy” to you. All I am going to do is remind everyone to have a blessed day wherever you are. Try to maintain some level of control with the food and maybe take a walk before you indulge in the big meal. Take another walk before the big nap. Thanksgiving is a day to enjoy and to be grateful for where we are, who we have in our lives and that life is good.
I will be back tomorrow trying to inspire everyone to lead a healthier lifestyle. Exercise, eat well, move well and learn FOUNDATION TRAINING!
Happy Thanksgiving!


Tue 11/25/14:
Why should I care about posture?
Many aches and pains can be thought to come from postural faults from improper sitting, standing, sleeping, walking, and moving. Wouldn’t you love to save time on stretching, foam rolling, and decrease overall body tension?
Then starting to become aware of posture and how you move is one of the most valuable components of your health. Also, building better postural habits long-term can prevent degeneration in your joints.
POSTURE is important! The better your posture the better your movement patterns can be.
Exercise and stretching is great for muscles building, joint motion, cardiovascular endurance and creating awareness about your body. The New Year is about here and the mad rush will be on to join a gym, boot camp or some other form of exercise. I love it…this is awesome! The bad thing is…if you are exercising “wrong” you are just exasperating the poor postural/muscular issues already present. Take the time to have your posture looked at. Take the time to see what can be improved upon to help get you out of pain, move more properly, exercise better. Take the time to learn about your unique body. Take the time to learn FOUNDATION TRAINING.
FOUNDATION TRAINING addresses all the above mentioned issues. Take the time to learn how to better take care of your body. You do not have to run to the doctor every time you have a backache or take a pill every time you are having some pain.
What changes posture for the long-term is better movement habits cumulatively as well as engaging in a healthy self-concept.
Exercise does not have to be a painful grueling dreadful experience. Change your thinking!
Get educated about your body, learn FOUNDATIONS TRAINING and how to move better.
I look forward to helping you change your life.



Wed 11/19/14:
Have you ever thought about how your feet affect your posture? I never have until I learned FOUNDATION TRAINING. I do remember the first thing we learned was about how to position the feet and what is going on with the femoral bone. We did not go into great depth about this other than it was important to have the feet positioned correctly.
After a year of teaching FT and learning more and more about the body… The feet are a huge part of posture and a reason a lot of us have hip/ pelvic/ back issues.
I remember as a kid my mother always telling me to stop pointing my right foot out. I just remember thinking that’s how it was made. Little did I know maybe this foot position was the beginning of my future back problems.
Take a look at the pictures. If your feet look like this get an assessment. It just makes sense if the feet are in a poor position it will affect the Ankles/ legs/ hips into the pelvis and back. Always remember everything is connected.



In the picture you can see how the position of the foot affects how the hip/pelvis work. To simplify…if it doesn’t line up well there is going to be a kink. Over time this will cause imbalances, wear and tear on a joint and pain issues.
My right foot to this very day still wants to point to the outside. Since I am aware of this and have more body knowledge I really work at keeping that foot pointing straig ahead. Foundation Training really helped me with that.  Also, I really make sure my right foot is in correct position when working out.  Take a look at your feet…get an assessment…learn Foundation Training!



Mon 11/17/14:
So many of us have back pain, knee pain, weak ankles. Why do we have these issues? Granted, if you have suffered a trauma or have been playing a sport and blew the knee there is your reason. I am talking to the everyday person who goes to work, takes care of the family and may or may not exercise. I can pretty much bet you have weak glutei and improper movement patterns.
The glutei are very large and strong muscles. The glutei have multi function roles…stabilization and extension. The glutei support our frame when standing and being mobile. The glutei work with our hip, pelvis,hamstrings to helps us do a number of daily life activities and powerful athletic activities. The glutei work with our back muscles to stabilize our spine and provide protection to our spine.
Having a weak glute is a formula for weakness and injury in our body. Weak glutei is a leading cause to low back pain. If you keep pulling your hamstring it could be your glutei is weak and your hamstring is doing too much work.
How do our glutei get weak? SITTING! In this day and age the average person spends way to much time sitting. After all, we do have to go to work… If you have a desk job you are most likely sitting 6 of the 8 hours you are there.
How do we solve the problem and start working on our glutei? We just flat out have to move more. Get up from the desk during the day. Talk a quick walk during lunch. Learn Foundation Training. FT will focus on the posterior chain and help strengthen the glutei. Learn to squat properly. Learn to do a single leg dead lift. All these exercise involve the glutei, hips pelvis and hamstrings. All of us need these muscles groups to work properly! Even more so as we age. These muscle groups will help prevent falls keep us moving, reduce bone issues, and keep us in our homes and not the assisted living facility.
Learn FOUNDATION TRAINING and get that posterior chain activated!



Friday 11/14/14:
POSTURE speaks volumes. Everyone knows how you carry yourself when you walk into a room or a stage speaks volumes. If you want people to listen to you… Stand tall, be positive, carry yourself with confidence. People with good posture tend to be confident anyway. People who stand tall with an open chest and eyes looking straight ahead are just waiting to answer a question, solve a problem, or offer advice.
Face it, in this day and age most of us sit at a computer a lot, or sit behind the wheel of a car a lot. We all stare at our cell phone no telling how many times a day. These activities coupled with gravity are crippling so many people. We have to pay attention to what we are doing and how we are doing it. I was in the same boat with everyone else. I did not realize how my everyday life was contributing to my back pain issues. I have always been very active, keep my weight under control, and pay attention to my body. I just always had a back ache. I just accepted it as being active and aging. I just thought, I would rather have a back ache from being active than sedentary!
Enter FOUNDATION TRAINING! What I have learned from FT has changed everything. First, my back does not hurt anymore. Second, health and fitness is so much more than jogging and lifting weights. True health and fitness starts with knowing your body. Knowing your posture, knowing how you sit, stand, walk, just move in general. Knowing your habits…
It does you absolutely no good to exercise with poor posture and poor movement patterns! Granted, it is still exercise… You may have gotten your heart rate up, but you are accentuating your weaknesses and imbalances. This will catch up with you.
Take the time to learn FOUNDATIONS TRAINING! You will learn about your individual posture and movement. You will be able to apply FT to your daily life at your desk. You will improve your jog, your workout, your performance in competitions. Back pain can/will just about go away. You will feel better. Your confidence will return.
FOUNDATION TRAININGS is medicine. Take a dose a day and you will reap the benefits.
Contact me for a session to evaluate what you are doing now. After all, if you do not know what you are doing you can not make adjustments.
Gift certificates are available for the holidays.

Start moving better…it pays dividends!


Wed 11/12/14:
The CORE…is involved in every movement we make. Think of the core as the central link that connects the upper body to the pelvis and the lower body to the pelvis. This is where all the action takes place. Weak core muscles impair how well your arms and legs work and lead to poor movement patterns which leads to injury and pain.
A strong core helps stand us upright, helps us breathe deeply and more efficiently. A strong core helps move with confidence, power and grace. A strong core helps protect us from falls, sudden blows and helps protects our spine and back.
No matter what we do our core plays a role. From sitting at our desk, to mopping the floor, playing with the dog, playing a round of golf, taking a walk, lifting weights….everything! We need a strong core.
A weak core leads to nothing but problems… Number one on the list BACKACHE PAIN!
Low back pain — a debilitating, sometimes excruciating problem affecting four out of five Americans at some point in their lives — may be prevented by exercises that promote well-balanced, resilient core muscles. When back pain strikes doctors often recommend strengthening the core. They also, prescribe medications. Skip the pain pills and use your muscles. I realize, when you are in pain you don’t think you can move. I have been there many many times myself. Now, I know Foundation Training!. FT will track you how to use your own musculature to get thru the spasm and maybe never have them again. I am not joking!
Eventually, FOUNDATION TRAINING will be everywhere. It’s all over the place in California , Colorado and more places to the West…it’s even worse growing outside the US. FT is slowing making it’s way to the south.
FOUNDATIONS TRAINING is the absolute best core training exercise on the planet. Remember…those muscles attach to bones and they all end up meeting at the pelvis. Learn to raise your ribcage with your breath. Learn to expand your ribcage with your muscles. Learn to strengthen your posterior muscles while they are in a lengthened state. Learn to stand up tall again, Just because we are aging a little bit doesn’t mean we have to be weak and humped over.
If you have that little round hump developing in your mid back…learn Foundation Training!
If you have poor posture learn Foundation Training!
If your back and neck hurt all day while sitting at your desk learn Foundation Training!
If you are sick and tired of hurting from muscular aches and pain Learn Foundation Training!
Start making changes…your body wants to feel better! It’s all up to you.



Tue 11/11/14:

How many times have you heard “strengthen your core” if you have back problems? So, you proceed to “strengthen you core” by doing sit ups and crunches. I have done the same thing myself. I was taught sit ups back in the day… I mean in the 60’s….lol! That’s all fitness people knew back in the day. I still see people doing sit ups and crunches in the gym today. If you have back problems I do not recommend those two exercises. For the core…nothing beats FOUNDATION TRAINING and planks!
In FOUNDATION TRAININGS a lot of focus is put upon the transverse abdominus. The transverse abdominus is a very deep abdominal muscle that helps with breathing and should act as a stabilizer of the pelvis. The transverse abdominus should also act as a girdle to help absorbs forces from activities such as running. I use the term should because if your transverse abdominus is to weak it will not be able to do its job properly. Therefore, back problems and other muscular problems occur. Core strength get starts with the transverse abdominus. Every exercise in FOUNDATION TRAINING begins with the transverse abdominus being activated.
If you really want to strengthen your core and help stop back pain and other muscular pain learn FOUNDATION TRAINING! I can not say it enough…FOUNDATION TRAININGS works!