Tue 10/28-14
Good morning everyone! Time to get back to those 8-5’s and bring home those nickels.
I taught several new people FOUNDATION TRAINING this weekend. One gentlemen I would like to discuss. This gentleman is an ex athlete and has lots of pain daily…mostly in his back. He has had some surgeries and has lots of visible torque and muscle imbalance in his body. He was in pain when he entered the door.
I took a few photos like I usually do on a new client. I ask them to stand in the best posture they can. I will then make adjustments and basically place them in a better posture (according to what their body will let me do). .. Then I take that picture. Then we review. Below are his before and my placement picture.



Once I show them some of the issues going in their own body we begin learning how to get into the better posture on their own. The first question I usually get is, I”m supposed to stand like a statue all the time”? I”ll reply, you will practice like this until your muscles learn the positions. Again, FOUNDATION TRAINING is all about re-learning proper muscle patterns. This gentleman did not always stand like this. Because of gravity, injury, poor posture, compensations…we move into these structurally damaging postures… This leads to all the pain issues.
If you have back pain…get in the mirror and look at your posture.   If you sit at a desk all day…have someone take a picture with their phone to see what you look like.  Do you type away all day on a computer?  See what position your body is in while doing this.  A picture will give you a lot of information about what you may be doing on a daily basis to cause or contribute to your body pain.  We all have posture issues, imbalance issues etc.  Be pro active and learn FOUNDATION TRAINING!  FT is going to correct a lot of these positions and movement patterns that are causing the pain…FT is a solution to manage pain and correct movement patterns!


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