Wed. 10/22/14:
Hello everyone! Today I am going to share an excerpt from an e mail a FT client sent me yesterday. He sent this e mail to a buddy of his and copied me on it. Marty, my client has had back pain for 40 years. His back pain is gone and he is so happy! I appreciate his call and his letter yesterday because sometimes you just get into a rut… And I needed the pat on the back yesterday to get me focused and to keep moving forward. Here comes the FT parts of the letter.
I continued to run but started Yoga and both mat pilates and reformer pilates. It helped but I continue to have the nagging pain. Later, maybe 20 years ago, my doctor told me I had arthritis in my back. As much as I despise take prescription medicine I started taking 7.5 mg Meloxicam for my back pain.
I can remember at times- it hurt so bad ( especially after long drives in the car) that I was getting in the whirl pool and a massage every day. In addition, that was my introduction to Chiropractic’s to help me temporarily relieve the pain. The severity would come and go- but I had a constant nagging pain especially in the right side of my lower back.
In doing everything in the world to relieve my pain, I discovered FOUNDATION TRAINING developed
by Eric Goodman on the internet. After trying it on my own, it improved my back, I found a FOUNDATION Trainer Stevey Gaddis.
I started a personal Foundation Training session with Stevey
for 5 weeks and saw tremendous improvement.
Butch, I have virtually no pain in my back and I don’t take the Meloxicam anymore. I hope this will provide some insight with your back problems!

Marty is not the only person to have stopped his back pain with Foundation Training. Right here in Jackson , Ms I have helped many people manage their back pain and/overcome it with Foundation Training! I say this every time I write…FT works!
Every chiropractor, massage therapist, pain doctor should be referring their patients for FOUNDATION TRAINING! FT teaches people about their own individual body.
Please share this article to your family and friends. Post it on your facebook and Twitter accounts. I am not joking….if you are in pain you can feel better…the pills and the injections are temporary…you will always have FT with you!

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