Friday 10/16/14:
What happens to your body as you sit for long periods isn’t pretty. You are essentially putting your metabolism into hibernation! Your muscles stop moving, your heart rate slows, and your body practically stops burning calories.
Combine a barely-moving metabolism with our bad habits of eating in front of the computer or television, and you can easily see why people who sit are more likely to be overweight.
Sitting also leads to colon issues, digestive issues and other internal disorders. We are meant to move…you can not move if you are sitting!
I have been studying about posture, movement patterns and problems with sitting for the last year. I practice and teach FOUNDATION TRAINING pretty much everyday to help counteract the harmful effects of sitting. I now stand at work as much as possible. Even with what I know now I still sit to much. I just try to be aware when I’m sitting to get into a better position.
When we sit for more than 8 hours (especially if we are sitting in the wrong positions, slouching, with our legs crossed, or leaning towards a computer screen), our bodies literally get STUCK in positions they were NEVER designed for.
After years of sitting (in school, at work, at home), our heads lean forward, our shoulders slouch, and our spines form a C shape that can cause years of unbearable back pain.
But you don’t have to surrender to gravity! Gravity is going to be there always…forcing us into these hunched over positions. We are built to stand up against gravity…FOUNDATION TRAINING will get you tall again in the correct position to strengthen the weak posterior chain that has been created from sitting and poor posture.





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