Thur 10/2/14:
Sitting is the new smoking! Readers…we have got to stop sitting and start standing more. I realize this is 2014 and everything around us is about our comfort. I love to go home in the evenings and get in my big comfy chair and watch a little TV just like anyone else.
The human body is designed to move, and a moving body is a needy body, siphoning off calories to make sure every cell is doing what it’s supposed to do. But even when we’re not exercising, we’re moving and using energy. A body that’s sitting isn’t expending energy, so the signals that normally result in you moving—and which, in turn, burn calories—start to check out, molecularly bored with not being called into duty. Meanwhile, the processes that build up fat get busier. When that happens, it gets harder and harder to get off the chair.
A person who will stand up at their desk through out the day can burn an extra 500-1500 calories per day. Not only will you burn some calories…your muscles will not get so short and tight from sitting therefore they will not pull on the joints as much.
Experiment with this… For example, if the phone rings at your desk stand up to take the call. I type at my desk by getting into a wide stance founder position. I let my hips and buttocks support me while getting a nice hamstring/calf stretch. Every 30 minutes or so take a walk down the hall and back. Practice decompression breathing or do Founders through out the day. Walk around the building after lunch. There are so many things you could think of to get movement into your daily work life. This is serious stuff people…WE HAVE TO STOP SITTING SO MUCH!
Like I remind everyone everyday…FOUNDATION TRAINING works. We must learn to decompress thru the day. Lengthen and stretch thru the day. Bring oxygen into our lungs and cells to help heal. FOUNDATION TRAINING will accomplish all this and more!
Contact me: To change the way you move, the way you feel…FT will change your life!
Gift certicates available…FT will make a great holiday gift for a loved one in pain.

People actually sit like this all day at school and work. These poor postures wreck havoc on our bodies. This is a fixable issue…awareness is the key.


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