Oct 1,2014:
We officially have 3 months until the new year…what a blur for 2014!
Give someone you care about the gift of better health. Foundation Training is going to improve many areas of their health.
Worried about a friend or loved one staying on pain medication for their back pain…give them a gift certificate for Foundation Training. They are going to feel better after one session.
Have a teenager with poor posture? Give them Foundation Training to correct their poor posture. Poor posture is a characteristic of low self esteem. Improve their posture and watch their confidence level go up.
Have an a senior in your life with poor balance? Worried about them living alone because they may fall? Give them Foundation Training! FT will strengthen their posterior chain where they won’t lean forward so much and will have better balance. They lean forward because the back of their body has become to weak to straighten them up.
Have a young athlete who won’t stretch? Yes, give them Foundation Training….it’s stretching and strengthening all together. They will become a better athlete!
Contact me for info on gift certificates.

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