We’d 10/30/14:
FOUNDATION TRAINING is an incredible method of treatment for posterior chaining training, stretching routine, back pain management, balance work, posture work and more! Notice I said, “treatment”. FOUNDATION TRAINING is medicine, therapy and exercise all rolled into one. FOUNDATION TRAINING will treat the weak link which is most likely the cause of your pain. FOUNDATION TRAINING will find and treat the weak link in your body that is hindering your athletic performance. FOUNDATION TRAINING offers the whole package!!!
High school athletes should be taught FOUNDATION TRAINING. This is where a lot of muscular problems begin. Poor form, poor movement patterns, not enough preparation for the body before a young athlete who is still grow crashes into another young athlete.
Those of us who go to our 8-5 job everyday. How did I know sitting at my desk was making my back problems worse. Listen to me people… Get up from that desk and move around! This is your body and your health. Stand up and take a big decompression breath…it’s awesome!
Seniors need FOUNDATION TRAINING! The muscles mass in seniors has greatly diminished thru the years…practice FOUNDATION TRAINING…it will strengthen the muscles in the back of the body to help you stand up straight. Who wants to live their senior years bent over and to stiff to enjoy life?
FOUNDATION TRAINING works, it’s inexpensive and it will help you move so much better… We all want to feel good in our body.
Give the gift of FOUNDATION TRAINING to someone for Christmas. Contact me for a gift certificate. You can click on the FT tab on my site to order a DVD.
Everyone have a great day!



Tue 10/28-14
Good morning everyone! Time to get back to those 8-5’s and bring home those nickels.
I taught several new people FOUNDATION TRAINING this weekend. One gentlemen I would like to discuss. This gentleman is an ex athlete and has lots of pain daily…mostly in his back. He has had some surgeries and has lots of visible torque and muscle imbalance in his body. He was in pain when he entered the door.
I took a few photos like I usually do on a new client. I ask them to stand in the best posture they can. I will then make adjustments and basically place them in a better posture (according to what their body will let me do). .. Then I take that picture. Then we review. Below are his before and my placement picture.



Once I show them some of the issues going in their own body we begin learning how to get into the better posture on their own. The first question I usually get is, I”m supposed to stand like a statue all the time”? I”ll reply, you will practice like this until your muscles learn the positions. Again, FOUNDATION TRAINING is all about re-learning proper muscle patterns. This gentleman did not always stand like this. Because of gravity, injury, poor posture, compensations…we move into these structurally damaging postures… This leads to all the pain issues.
If you have back pain…get in the mirror and look at your posture.   If you sit at a desk all day…have someone take a picture with their phone to see what you look like.  Do you type away all day on a computer?  See what position your body is in while doing this.  A picture will give you a lot of information about what you may be doing on a daily basis to cause or contribute to your body pain.  We all have posture issues, imbalance issues etc.  Be pro active and learn FOUNDATION TRAINING!  FT is going to correct a lot of these positions and movement patterns that are causing the pain…FT is a solution to manage pain and correct movement patterns!



Wed. 10/22/14:
Hello everyone! Today I am going to share an excerpt from an e mail a FT client sent me yesterday. He sent this e mail to a buddy of his and copied me on it. Marty, my client has had back pain for 40 years. His back pain is gone and he is so happy! I appreciate his call and his letter yesterday because sometimes you just get into a rut… And I needed the pat on the back yesterday to get me focused and to keep moving forward. Here comes the FT parts of the letter.
I continued to run but started Yoga and both mat pilates and reformer pilates. It helped but I continue to have the nagging pain. Later, maybe 20 years ago, my doctor told me I had arthritis in my back. As much as I despise take prescription medicine I started taking 7.5 mg Meloxicam for my back pain.
I can remember at times- it hurt so bad ( especially after long drives in the car) that I was getting in the whirl pool and a massage every day. In addition, that was my introduction to Chiropractic’s to help me temporarily relieve the pain. The severity would come and go- but I had a constant nagging pain especially in the right side of my lower back.
In doing everything in the world to relieve my pain, I discovered FOUNDATION TRAINING developed
by Eric Goodman on the internet. After trying it on my own, it improved my back, I found a FOUNDATION Trainer Stevey Gaddis.
I started a personal Foundation Training session with Stevey
for 5 weeks and saw tremendous improvement.
Butch, I have virtually no pain in my back and I don’t take the Meloxicam anymore. I hope this will provide some insight with your back problems!

Marty is not the only person to have stopped his back pain with Foundation Training. Right here in Jackson , Ms I have helped many people manage their back pain and/overcome it with Foundation Training! I say this every time I write…FT works!
Every chiropractor, massage therapist, pain doctor should be referring their patients for FOUNDATION TRAINING! FT teaches people about their own individual body.
Please share this article to your family and friends. Post it on your facebook and Twitter accounts. I am not joking….if you are in pain you can feel better…the pills and the injections are temporary…you will always have FT with you!

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Tue Oct 21, 2014:
Well I have been mighty quite. Rather uninspired lately…so, I have been still and trying to get re-vitalized. Hopefully, positivity and new energy will be my way soon.
In the mean time…visit my website to learn about FOUNDATION TRAINING. Maybe order a DVD for yourself or a friend for the holidays. Contact me for a gift certificate for a great Christmas present. The gift of better gift is the best gift to give.
Also, I would appreciate some likes on my facebook page stevey’s Training Room featuring Foundation Training. Like it and share it…that’s how I get the word out.
Thanks, for all the support and hopefully I’ll be inspiring soon.




Friday 10/16/14:
What happens to your body as you sit for long periods isn’t pretty. You are essentially putting your metabolism into hibernation! Your muscles stop moving, your heart rate slows, and your body practically stops burning calories.
Combine a barely-moving metabolism with our bad habits of eating in front of the computer or television, and you can easily see why people who sit are more likely to be overweight.
Sitting also leads to colon issues, digestive issues and other internal disorders. We are meant to move…you can not move if you are sitting!
I have been studying about posture, movement patterns and problems with sitting for the last year. I practice and teach FOUNDATION TRAINING pretty much everyday to help counteract the harmful effects of sitting. I now stand at work as much as possible. Even with what I know now I still sit to much. I just try to be aware when I’m sitting to get into a better position.
When we sit for more than 8 hours (especially if we are sitting in the wrong positions, slouching, with our legs crossed, or leaning towards a computer screen), our bodies literally get STUCK in positions they were NEVER designed for.
After years of sitting (in school, at work, at home), our heads lean forward, our shoulders slouch, and our spines form a C shape that can cause years of unbearable back pain.
But you don’t have to surrender to gravity! Gravity is going to be there always…forcing us into these hunched over positions. We are built to stand up against gravity…FOUNDATION TRAINING will get you tall again in the correct position to strengthen the weak posterior chain that has been created from sitting and poor posture.





Monday 10/13/14:
Good morning everyone! Wanted to share a little about some of the new clients I have just started. First of all the majority of them are over 65. I think this is so awesome! Secondly, these people are not really over weight and lead active lifestyles. They do have postural issues and some low back pain. They have heard about Foundation Training and have seeked me out to help teach them to improve these issues which in turn keeps them moving well.
As I start with them I take a few pictures and just watch how they move. The one thing most everyone has in common is the inability to hinge at the hip. Foundation Training is all about re-learning how to use our hips for movement and support.. How have so many people forgotten to hinge at the hip? It’s just now people over 65 either….I have worked with much younger people who just bend over…no hinge happening at all! No wonder so many people have back pain.
The hip hinge is basically a shifting of weight back into the hip, glute, hamstring,calf and heel area. Why is this so difficult? One main reason is posterior chain weakness. Society sits to much! All this sitting on our glutei has made our posterior chain muscles short, tight and weak. So now, if you try to hinge at the hip… your brain let’s your knee or your quad know it better help the the hip out. Now your are hinging with the front of your body supporting you. This is so wrong and will create havoc in your knee, your back or both.

Look at the pictures below…an improper hinge…notice where the knees are. Look at he proper hinge…weight back over heels and the knee in line with the ankle…not in front of the toes.


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Learn FOUNDATION TRAING! Proper movement patterns, strength, flexibility and mobility are greatly going to improve your health and quality of life!


Sunday 10/12/14:
What an absolutely magnificent football Saturday yesterday in the state Of Mississippi!!!! Again, Dawgs and Rebels get it done in the mighty SEC. These 2 teams are for real! They have the whole package and I am quite impressed with them.
As Dan Mullen said, they have not accomplished much as of yet except for being 6-0. This goes for both teams. This is the SEC…toughest conference in all of college football in my opinion. Both are only half way thru their tough schedules…lots of football left. It is nice to be in control of your own destiny!
I might also add the athletes on both of these teams have shown nothing but class and composure. That has been refreshing to watch. These young men are new to winning on this level of competition… A lot of times that’s where things go wrong…young athletes not knowing how to handle the emotions with the pressure that’s going to build! So far, both teams have done an awesome job…just enough jubilation and celebration without the arrogance…after all, there are 6 more regular season games to go!
Whatever these two teams are doing…keep on doing it!