Tue 9/30/14:
The gluteus Maximus is more than a seat cushion. The gluteal muscles are very important muscles that need to be kept strong to perform everyday basic functions like raising from a chair, walking, running, lifting and stabilizing the pelvis. In today’s world where to many are sitting entirely to much…to many are walking around with weak glutei.

What Is the Role of Our Gluteus Maximus?
Today, the GM is important in many daily activities such as lifting, walking, and running. Its function in these activities includes helping to extend (or straighten) our hip to bring our thigh in line with our body, rotate our hip away from the center of our body, move our thigh away from and towards the center of our body, and stabilize our pelvis. It may also play a role in stabilizing our knee in extension.
During the task of lifting, for example, the GM plays an important role in the extension of our hips and stabilization of our pelvis. Functions of the GM during running include providing trunk stabilization and helping extend our hip on the stance side and decelerate our leg during the swing stage.
Weak GM muscles, therefore, compromise our ability to safely and effectively perform many of our daily activities. Weakness can cause difficulty with some of the movements that naturally require the GM, such as rising from the seated position, lifting, and walking and running. GM weakness may also be associated with—although not necessarily the cause of—lower back pain, hip and knee pain, and foot problems.

Foundation Training will wake your glutei up, activate them and strengthen them. The glutei muscle group is very important in the posterior chain and needs to be worked in unison with other posterior chain muscles such as the hamstrings. Foundation Training will balance out these muscles groups so they may work better together. So, stop sitting…stand up and do a Founder! Your glutei will take shape and feel better!


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