FRI 9/5/14:
Chronic pain is typically defined as pain lasting more than 3-6 months according to the National Academy of Sciences Institue of Medicine. It is the leading reason people run to a doctor. Chronic pain is a very real issue!
A lot of these pain issues can be treated with movement, exercise, stretching and better breathing techniques….instead of steroids, injections and pain pills.
Forms of exercise should be viewed as medicine…walking, running, swimming, biking, FOUNDATION TRAINING, yoga, Pilates, tennis, golf, movement. All of these and more are medicine! The single greatest thing a person can do for themselves everyday is “move their bodies”. The muscles and joints need movement, they need weight bearing stress, the need to be stretched, strengthened and put thru range of motion. Exercise can prevent chronic pain and treat chronic pain…that’s how powerful exercise and movement are!
There are other non-chemical options for pain that are helpful for pain. Chiropractic adjusts give great relief of pain. Acupuncture can help. Massage therapy is a great way to help muscles relax and relieve tension. Combine these safe alternative forms of pain treatment with movement and different exercise options your body will work better, look better and feel better.
The take home message…always pursue the non-drug avenue first. Most pain can be managed with a healthy diet, lots of water, exercise and just good ole fashioned movement.



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