Thursday, 9/4/14:
Hello everyone. I took a break over the Labor Day weekend. Sometimes you just need to take a step back and just be…
Back to my favorite subject: FOUNDATION TRAINING and how awesome it is!
I received a text from one of my newer clients yesterday…it read, no back pain all weekend! A little tightness in the morning, but a few Founders and it’s gone! This client has had three sessions with me. I love hearing these comments… And I am not making this stuff up!
I am posting a picture of a fellow FT instructor doing a Foundation Squat. In the 2013 picture that is a nice squat…very acceptable. Hips back, blades down, nice counterbalance with the arms, back straight, head up and nice range in the hip area. He is working very hard in this position.
Just 8 months later in the 2014 picture…look at the difference! This squat is beautiful and so balanced. Hips are further back and deeper, blades are still down, but the angle of the chest is more upright while keeping the back straight. Feet firmly planted and head in a good position. Not only is he more flexible in this picture…the strength in his core and hips are holding him in this position. I might add his chronic back pain has all but subsided and stays managed with some daily FT work.
This is what FOUNDATION TRAINING can do for someone. No, not everyone is going to want to squat like that…it’s not about the squat! It’s about the movement pattern…the flexibility…the mobility…and the strength! We all need these elements. FT will make athletes better and help prevent injury.
FT will make the everyday 8-5 worker feel better. Get up from the desk and do an FT pose. Don’t let the desk job make you half crippled by retirement. Seniors…men and women: we have been loosing muscle mass since age 30. Practice FT! FT will stretch and strengthen and will really improve balance.
FOUNDATION TRAINING, is self care. FT is life long natural medicine. Use your own body to improve your own body!


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