Fri Aug 29,2014:
Labor Day weekend has arrived!!! SEC football kicked of last night with an OLE MISS win. The long weekend is starting off nicely.
The 30 day FOUNDER CHALLENGE is over tomorrow. I got my Founders in easily…because I do FT everyday!



Learn FOUNDATION. TRAINING! Once you know the exercises you will have a tool for life that is “self care”. Self care is free and comes in handy. A little Foundation Training everyday will help keep spine lengthened, core muscles strengthen, keep new muscles patterns engrained, and just make you feel better! Everyone feels better after muscular work! Everyone feels better when they are not in pain also! FT is your ticket….your self care ticket!!! Stop with the meds….stop with the doctor visits to get the meds. Start taking care of yourself. Go back and read some of the articles I have written. Click on the FT tab and listen to Dr. Goodman about causes of back pain. We have caused most of our pain issues ourselves…poor posture, to much sitting, lack of movement, overweight, poor diets, smoking….all these things lead to body issues, muscle issues, joint issues. It is a fact! That pill you take will not change anything! The steroid shot is temporary…not a fix!
Get up and do the work…it is not that difficult to take care of yourself! Start caring about your body and your health…it is your future…
My rant is over. Have a safe Labor Day!

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