Tue 8/26/14:
What is core stability? Core stability consists of the ability to provide enough simultaneous muscle contraction to produce stiffness. This ability protects the spine and pelvic regions during movement. There are a number of muscles involved in the process of muscular contraction. What’s important to know is the strength of the muscles is not so important as the ability to fire these muscles. You have to be able to turn the muscle on before you can work on the endurance and strength part.
You need core stability to prevent injury, to prevent over stressing muscles that move joints and to generate power.
FOUNDATION TRAINING is an excellent way to work on training your core. FOUNDATION TRAINING is all about turning on the transverse abdominus and breathing thru the diaphragm to expand the ribcage. So many muscles attached to the spine and pelvic region are going to wake up and fire! Not just all the large muscle, but a lot of the smaller ones that are really deep and hard to get to.
FOUNDATION TRAINING is all about learning to stabilize the pelvis. FT will fire the glutei and adductors… Most people just use their glutei to sit on! If the pelvis is not stabilized you are going to have back pain.
If your doctor has instructed you to strengthen your core….please don’t start doing sit ups!!!! Learn FOUNDATION!
Contact with any questions or to set up an appointment to get started feeling better.


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