FT at race....

FT at race….

FT at the beach

FT at the beach

FT. At the office

FT. At the office

Thur 8/21/14:

What exactly is the posterior chain?  Actually, it is the most important group of muscles in your body…yet they are often neglected and mistreated.  The major muscles of the group include the glutes, hamstrings and calves.  Why are these muscles so important?   They are the primary muscles group to stabilize and extended. Why are the so mistreated?  The majority of the population sit on their glutes all day long. In essence, this causes shortness and tightness  which caused the quads to take over.  This repeated pattern causes the quads to take over stabilization and extension when this is not their main role.  This all leads to muscle imbalance.  Our society today is conditioned to sitting…technology has us sitting to much.  Lack of movement has become an epidemic leading to poor health.

I could write down all the anatomy words that are used to explain this dysfunction, but readers may quit reading… So I’ll try to simplify.  Basically, the front of the body takes over the back of the body.   You are compromising yourself mechanically when the posterior chain (back of the body) is not working properly.  You are going to have back problems,  joint problems, arthritic problems, after awhile even internal problems.

The simplest way to work on this posterior chain weakness is to think about the hips.  It s all about the hips!  YOU MUST WORK THE HIPS TO PROTECT THE SPINE!   It’s a fact.  If you do not use the hips there is increased motion in the spine.  If you have poor hip mobility the spine is going to try and help the hip move…this is not what you want!  Learn to use the hips.

FOUNDATION TRAINING is all about using the posterior chain.  FT is all about re-learning movement patterns.  Most of us as children moved freely, we had great movement patterns…our joints moved freely.  So many people want to blame their lack of mobility and their pain issues on getting older.  In reality, most people once past college age just do exercise or work on their bodies.  They settle in to the 8-5 routine, sit at a desk, start a family, gain weight and start developing this bad postures thru the years.  Even those who do exercise or go to the gym do not even realize they have imbalances, so they are accentuating the imbalances.  For example: men love to bench press and do bicep curls…but they will not spend the same amount do time on their back and triceps.  Why?  Because they are not the “mirror” muscles….the ones that show…the ones that make them feel good!

Learn Foundation Training!  It is simple and quick.  It can be done at your desk, at your game, on the golf course, during half time, during your run, before and/ or after your workout…..anywhere…anytime!  FT will make a difference in your body, your performance and the way you move.


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